Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting ready for Preschool-2nd year

Macie starts her 2nd year of preschool on Monday.  Phil took Macie to the Dr. yesterday to get her check-up.  Unfortunately I can't take her anymore because I am not strong enough to battle her while the Dr. tries to examine her.  Poor Phil- he looked exhausted when he got home.  Macie just cried the whole time and wanted NOTHING to do with being examined.  They got through it, and she's ready to start school.
They just did her 4 year well visit while she was there since it's coming up.
Her stats:

Weight- 40lbs. (90th percentile)

Height- 39 inches (50th percentile

Monday, August 20, 2012


We're still here, just busy with summer which seems to be flying by, and coming to an end!  Hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging.  I am so far behind with updates!

I did want to share a story for now.

We were invited to our neighbors' BBQ this past weekend, and we met a woman that gave us some hope for Macie.  I was playing with all the kids in their trampoline, and there was a little girl (10 years old) playing with all the younger kids (ranging from 2-5).  This 10 year old girl was such a "Mama Bear" with all the younger kids.  She was telling me all about her sisters', talking about school, etc.  She was so sweet with helping the kids get in and out of the trampoline.  Phil came up to me, and we were talking about how much fun Macie was having, and how well she was interacting with all the other kids.  Phil turns to me and says, "you know the girl in the purple shirt (the 10 year old) has autism?"  I didn't believe him, but he told me that he had been talking to her Mom about it for quite a while.  I would have NEVER guessed she had autism.

I ended up speaking with her Mom for quite a while, and am just amazed at how far they have come.  She told me that two of her three daughters' have autism.  Her ten year old was not diagnosed until 5 years old, and her 11 year old was not diagnosed until just a few weeks ago.  She had to fight Dr.'s, insurance companies, and schools for many years to get a proper diagnosis.  Her younger daughter that was at the BBQ was misdiagnosed from the beginning.  The Mom was told that her daughter would never walk, or talk!  Her Mom told me that she is on several medications that help her with her quirks, sensitivities, etc. that help her focus and learn.  She said without the medications, her daughter is a different kid.  I certainly commend this Mom for doing whatever she had to do to get her daughter where she is today.  It was amazing to see, and hear about.

She told Phil that she took her 10 year old to a Sox game recently.  At one point her daughter was overwhelmed with all the noise so she put her hands over her ears and was screaming.  There was a group of people sitting behind them that said to the Mom- "could you please take your Daughter out of here if she is going to scream!".  The little girl turned around and said "I'm sorry, I have autism and all the noise is really bothering me."  AWESOME!  Needless to say, the people apologized and didn't say another word!

Stories like these definitely give us some hope!