Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's been so long since I posted! Would love to make excuses, but I have none! I'm taking the lazy route and doing bullet points.

Added some pictures for your viewing pleasure ;-)

The girls' LOVE their new swing set!!!

WEEEEE- Think this was right before she fell on her face!

My beautiful, big brown-eyed girls'

Playing together- a rare thing.

Emma had an important phone call, but manages to keep playing.  

She looks so old in this picture- sniff sniff

 -Emma had her 2 year check up last week. She had an ear infection I knew nothing about, and she has a gigantic head (98th percentile). She's around 70th percentile in height and weight. The Dr. Was shocked at how much she talks and can carry on a full conversation with her.

 -Emma was doing really well with potty training, but that kinda came to a halt. She's in the control stage now and she will only go when she feels like it. We are not pushing it since she is only 2.

 -Emma sings her abc's, she counts to ten, sings happy birthday, the itsy Betsy spider, ring around the rosie, wheels on the bus, and just amazes me every day.

-Emma's development is so bitter sweet for us. We are so amazed with her, but sad for Macie because all the things she says and does are trapped inside Macie.

 - The closer Macie gets to being 4, the more I worry about her never speaking. We've come to terms with her most likely being "low functioning", but it still stings!

-Macie is doing well in school, she is progressing in so many areas. She still struggles with receptive language. She gets frustrated easily because she has so much to say, and just can't find the words.

-Macie has been so affectionate lately. She hugs her teachers, she gives me impromptu kisses all the time, she will give kisses to her grandmas', papas', aunts', uncles',etc. when we ask her too. Her eye contact is really great. She's drawing faces at school, cutting with scissors on her own, pretend playing with dolls!

 -I am nervous about her not being in school full-time this summer. She will be going to summer school, but it's half the time. We are also working on getting her private speech therapy over the summer so hopefully that will help her.

-she is signing more words- all done, listen, my name, more, etc. she is amazing at puzzles, and doing motions to many songs.

-I have to admit I had a little breakdown in the car this morning....I saw three moms walking with their kids to the park. I was so envious. I am unable to just take a stroll to the park, or go to the store because Macie wanders. It makes me very nervous that I won't be able to handle both girls' by myself. I would give my left arm to be able to set up a play date for my girls' but we can't do a lot of things unless they are in a fenced in yard! It sucks!!! I am thankful we have a fenced in yard, a swing set and a pool so the girls can play, but I tend to feel caged after some time.

 -Macie is getting better about listening when we tell her to stop, or come here, but I am still nervous. We still celebrate these victories....don't think we are only dwelling on the struggles. I think any mother of an autistic child feels lonely, left out, inadequate at times....we just can't let our children know we feel that way. I know that Macie's mood is very dependent on mine a lot of times.

 -That's all I have for now. The girls need to get up and enjoy this awesome weather!!! Sorry if this was difficult to read....did it on the iPad.

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