Friday, September 30, 2011

Random/playing catch up

*Macie has two weeks of school under her belt, and she's doing AWESOME.  We see some pretty significant changes in her already, and I couldn't be more happy with her progress.
*She rides the bus to and from school with no issues.  In fact- when I get her ready to go in the morning and tell her the bus is here, she runs to the door most mornings.
*I may or may not stare out the window around 1:30 everyday, and get super excited when I see the bus round the corner.  She doesn't tell me with words how her day was- I see it in her eyes, and her smile.
*I most certainly DID NOT drive past the school the other day and try to catch a glimpse of my big girl getting on the bus to come home.  I just happened to be driving by the school on my way home.
*I miss her when she's gone, but I know that me missing her means she is growing and learning so many new things everyday!
*Emma and I have been able to spend some serious quality one on one time together while Macie is at school.  We have done some shopping, gone for walks, visited Grandma and Papa a few times!
*As I sit here typing Emma and Macie are playing....TOGETHER!  I hear Emma saying "Hi Cee Cee"- ADORABLE.
*Emma can count up to five.  Sometimes she misses one, and four, but she can do it. She also is starting to say her ABC's- she got up to E a little bit ago.  She knows where here hair, head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, and toes are.  She knows what kitties, sheep, cows, ducks, dogs, and horses say.
*She is saying some three word sentences- "I got it!", "Cee Cee, get down!", "go poo potty.".  She says "tanks" when you give her something.  There are so many more things she is saying right now that I can't keep up with it all.
*It does make me a little sad that she is flying past Macie developmentally.  I see Macie struggle everyday with communicating, and it comes so easily to Emma.  I'm hoping that with school, and watching/listening to Emma that she will be talking soon!
That's all I have for now.  It took me a good couple of hours to type just that!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Macie's First Day of School, AND her 3rd Birthday

Macie is napping very soundly after her first day of preschool.  It was WAY less traumatic for both of us than I anticipated.  I woke her up around 6:30.  She rarely ever sleeps that late, but she had a pretty traumatic day yesterday (will elaborate on that at the end of the post).  I got her dressed, and brought her down for breakfast.  I told her that she was going to be riding on a bus, and she would be going to her first day of school.  She got a huge smile on her face!  After breakfast I put on a Yo Gabba Gabba cartoon that talks about the "First Day of School", and she of course loved it!  Daddy and I walked her out to the bus, and got her situated.  She did just fine, not a peep out of her.  Phil and I got off the bus and waved to her through the window.  She looked a little confused, but still no crying at all.  As the bus pulled away I started crying.  I just couldn't believe that after three years, she was going to be away from me for FIVE whole hours a day. 
I got Emma dressed and fed, then we headed out.  I dropped Emma off at my Mom and Dad's, and went to clean Linda's house, and help out with Brian.  Macie's teacher called me around 9:30, and said that Macie was really doing great.  She got off the bus just fine, held Miss Bridget's hand all the way to the classroom.  She enjoyed circle time with the other kids, and was sitting at the table having her snack.  So cute!!!  I met her at about 1:45, and got her off the bus.  I could tell she was tired, but could also tell she was very happy.  She came in the house, had a snack and I put her down for her nap.  The teacher wrote and said she had a good day.  She only got upset when another little guy was eating crackers and she couldn't have any.  Shocker!!!  My baby is growing up too fast!!!  I think I am going to go in and "observe" sometime this week.  They have a two way mirror in the classroom/teachers office where I can watch her, but she can't see me.  I am just curious to see her in the classroom without me being there. 

I can not believe you are three years old today.  Seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  I know the past year and 1/2 has been pretty tough on you, and confusing at times, but you are so smart and you are making really great progress.  School is going to be so good for you.  I will miss you so much, but I know this is the best thing for you.  You get to play with other kids, and learn so many new things.  I so look forward to watching you blossom! 
I love you so much Macie, and can't imagine my life without you in it.  You have taught me so much in your three short years!!!

So....yesterday I was changing Emma's diaper downstairs, and I heard Macie get up from her nap.  She didn't come down right away like she usually does.  I heard her kind of fussing so I started up the stairs, and saw that she had her head stuck in between the railings on our stairs (they are metal).  I tried gently to get her out, but she was really stuck.  I called 911.  By the time they got to the house, she was hysterical, thrashing around, foaming at the was awful.  The 911 dispatcher told me I needed to keep her calm (easier said than done) so she wouldn't "snap her neck" trying to get out.  That about put me over the edge, it was not easy to hold her still.  Two firemen showed up first, and when they saw her said "we need to get the ambulance here now!".  There were two firemen, two police officers, and two paramedics in our house.  It took about 15 minutes to get her out.  She was shaking so bad from being scared.  They got her out, checked her over and asked if I wanted her transported to the hospital.  I declined since she seemed ok.  She wasn't bleeding, just scared.  I said I would take her myself if I felt it necessary, signed papers, and they left.  It took her a while to calm down, but she seemed fine after a while.  What a great way to spend her evening before her first day of school!!!! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's starting to sink in

Around 7:30 this morning I went out to the mailbox, and there was a bus sitting at the end of our driveway.  The driver opened the door and said "Hi, I'm looking for Macie."  I explained that she doesn't start school until Tuesday.  I guess he just got his "route" and didn't notice that our house was a stop starting on Tuesday.  There was a little girl on the bus already, and she looked very happy to be there.  When he drove away, I was slapped in the face with the reality of everything.  I know that Macie is going to be fine, but as a Mommy I can't help but worry that she's going to be confused for a while until she realizes it is routine, and that she is going to school. 
Another big slap in the face was at the Dr. yesterday.  They were asking all the developmental questions for Emma and every answer was "yes, she does that.".  With Macie, all the answers were "No, she's not doing that yet."  Just makes me sad to see Emma flying by Macie developmentally.  It hurts.  Autism can bite me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So VERY behind....

with blogging, and life. 
I am at the point where so much is going on that I sit down to blog, and I get overwhelmed and then just don't do it.  I am going to kinda skip around and just do little blurbs of the happenings around here.

*I mentioned that Emma was being evaluated by early intervention.  Anyone who has been around Emma in the past month or so knows there is absolutely nothing going on developmentally with her.  I got the call from the EI coordinator the other day saying that we will not be having a meeting because "Emma didn't qualify for any services." (insert HUGE sigh of relief).  I kinda knew in the back of my mind that she wasn't going to, but seeing as I don't have a clue what "normal" is, I thought it best to have her evaluated.  Check that one off the list. 

*Macie had her second evaluation at Children's Memorial last Friday.  LONG story short, they didn't tell us anything new.  It was kind of more of a nightmare than the other one, and we didn't even meet with the Dr. we were supposed to.  Macie's EI coordinator said they can't switch Dr.'s on us like that without getting approval from her.  She said they would be required to do another eval. with the other Dr. (the one we wanted to see).  Phil and I decided that we are not going to put Macie through that again.  It's pointless.  We know what's going on with her, we are doing everything in our power to get her the help she needs, and that is all that matters at this point. 

*We have been saying goodbye to all of Macie's therapists this past week.  It's bittersweet, really.  They have been a HUGE part of our lives for the past year and 1/2.  They taught me things about Macie that I would have never figured out without their help.  It's hard for a Mommy to admit that, but it's true.  Macie has come so far because of them, and it's hard to say goodbye. 

*Macie starts school on her 3rd Birthday (Sept. 20th), and I still can't believe it!  We've had meetings with the teacher, all the aides, the speech therapist, and the occupational therapist that will be working with her.  She will be going Monday through Thursday from 8:15 to 1:15, and Friday from 8:15 to 10:45.  She's going to be EXHAUSTED the first couple of weeks.  We are really excited for Macie to be going to school.  We think it's going to be really good for her all around.  We also decided to have the bus pick her up and drop her off.  It's going to be so hard putting her on the bus and saying goodbye to her!  I am super worried about her being upset on the bus, and being "alone" to deal with it.  I'm worried about her being upset at school, and me not being there to help her through it.  I do know that she is going to be in good hands, but it's hard to not be there for her.  Crap, I am already welling up with tears just typing it. 

*Both the girls had their well visits today.  Macie is 36lbs., and 3ft. 1in. tall.  She is in the 75th percentile for both weight and height.  Emma is 24lbs., and 31 inches tall.  She is 50th percentile for weight, and 75th percentile for height.  Macie just had her check up for school, no shots!  Emma had two shots.  Mommy and Daddy got a bunch of stories and crap about not doing all the vaccinations for Emma.  I had a story too, the Dr. said "I can respect that", and she had me sign a waiver saying I refused the MMR vaccine.  Just for the record, I DO NOT believe that vaccines cause autism.  If we do put Emma in daycare, I guess that's something we then get to take up with them at the time. 

*I am job searching right now, but not having any luck.  I know....bad time to look for a job.  Now that Macie's going to school we could use the second income again.  Emma would go in to daycare, and she really needs to.  She needs to be around other kids. 

I think that's all I have for now.  I need to catch up on some much needed sleep.  I will post some pictures of the munchkins tomorrow. 
If you got this far in the post, could you send some good vibes over in my Mom and Dad's direction?  They could use a little break from everything going on. xoxo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm just going to sell the house

and move in to a tent....maybe in Orange County (they have the best year round weather I think).

Macie and Emma can not get enough of this awesome weather we've been having the past few days.
I took them for an hour walk this morning.  The only time they have been inside was to eat lunch, and take the HOUR nap they both took today. 
I am inside cooking dinner, and Emma came up to me and said "hiiiiya".  I said "hi" back, and she then said "byeeeeee".  I said "bye?  where are you going?".  She said "outside". 
At what age can you just let your kids go outside alone and watch them from the window?  19 months?  K, Great!!!  If I had full view of the backyard, I would just let them out there while making dinner, cleaning, etc.

I don't care what anyone says........

Farts are funny.......
Was just getting a video of Chatty Emma, and she gave me a little "extra".....You may need to turn up the volume a bit.
Her chatting is quite amusing too. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dancing with Max

I mentioned a while ago that I read the book, Dancing with Max. 
I contacted the author through her blog to let her know that I enjoyed her book.  Below is my note to her, and her response.

My very dear friend attends Willow Creek, and she told me that you were going to speak there. I was unable to attend, but she purchased your book for me. I have a 2 year old (almost 3) daughter who was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2. The diagnosis and shock are still very “fresh”. Your book really inspired me, and gave me hope that I thought I would never have. Thank you for being so candid about the good, and the not so good roads ahead. You are an amazing gift to so many, and to Max. He’s so lucky that You were chosen to be his Mom.
Hi Michelle,
I’m so glad your friend was at Willow Creek and gave you a book. Your daughter was just diagnosed? I can imagine that you might feel like your life just turned upside down. But hold on, Michelle. You have an adventure ahead. Of course there will be difficult times, but the love and laughter and joy will outweigh the struggle. I know.
Trust in God, Michelle. He has a plan.
Hug your precious daughter for me. She is a gift.
God bless you.

Emma's Evaluations so far...

We have started Emma's evaluation process.  She has been seen by Speech, OT, and Physical Therapy.  I haven't gotten anything in writing, but they have all verbally told me that Emma is "typical", and developing just fine both physically, and neurologically.  They all felt she was above the 18 month level in a lot of areas which was nice to hear.  They said her talking is so good, and clear. 
She adds new words to her vocabulary every day.  The word of the week is "outside", and the phrase of the week is "ready, set, go". 
Guess she's making up for her sister not talking. 
One more evaluation to go for her (DT), and then we're done!!!
Macie has only a few more sessions left with all her therapists, and she will be going to school in 19 days- YIKES!!!
Here are just some cute pics of the girls.