Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Holy Cow have the last few weeks been nuts!

*Macie had her play based evaluation at the preschool last week, and she did AWESOME!  She did so awesome that I thought they might decide to put her in a "regular" classroom with an aide.  Oddly (to some), we would prefer for her to be in their special ed. program for AT LEAST a year.  I think she would get more out of it, and have more intense therapy.  We have a meeting next week to find out which program she will be in, and how many days/hours a week.  She didn't want to leave the school when it was time to go.  I cried the whole drive home because I was so proud of how well she did, how far she has come to this point, and because I can't believe my "baby" is going to school in a few weeks!
*We have started the process of Emma being evaluated by Early Intervention.  She has had her speech evaluation already.  OT comes today to do her evaluation, and I am still waiting to hear back from DT, and PT to schedule those evaluations. 
*The next couple of weeks are going to be a whirlwind of craziness.  With Emma's evaluations shoved in between Macie's therapy, make up therapy (since she is done Sept. 19th with EI), Dr. appointments, birthday parties, daycare visits (for Emma and possibly Macie), Macie's 2nd evaluation at Children's Memorial, IEP meeting at the school, discharge meetings with EI, and a wedding in there......I think Phil and I will need a vacation!!!!  So....if I am not blogging in the next few weeks- you all know why!!!
If I were a more organized person, this probably wouldn't be so overwhelming.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I totally slacked off and never did her 18 month post.  Sorry Littles....
Mommy is so super busy with you and your sister these days that I can't find time to sit and write it.
You are a climber, just like your sister.  It's really more of a "monkey see, monkey do" situation.  You are a bit more cautious than Macie, but you have to try everything!!!!  I caught you up on the entertainment center again today right beside Macie.  These situations are so hard since Macie climbs for different reasons than you do.  I'll be able to explain it to you some day, and then hopefully you will understand why the discipline is different for the two of you in these situations.
You are such a talker.  Your favorite word right now is "NO".  "Emma, did you have fun on your walk?" Emma- "NO!!!".  Mind you, she squealed in delight the whole hour walk!!!  "Emma, say night night to your baby."  Emma- "No".  "I love you Emma, Night night."  Emma- "No".  You love going for walks, or doing anything outside.  "Emma, you want to go for a walk?"  Emma- "outsiiiiiii".  "Emma, where are your shoes?"  Emma- "Shoooooooooo, outsiiiiiiii".  When Macie climbs on things you say "dooooowna, Cie!"  You MUST point out EVERY tree on our walks and say "teeeeee".  You point to many things and say "WHOA", or "wow".  We have to watch every thing we say now since you are a parrot.  You used two four letter words the other day, and used them appropriately.....we're so proud!
You are so very independent.  You won't eat most of your food unless you have a fork or spoon, even if they don't necessarily require a fork!!!  You resist holding Mommy's hand if I need you to for safety reasons.  When I grab your hand you throw yourself on the ground and scream in protest.  It's my favorite when you do it in a crowded public place.
You are definitely our "girly girl".  You love trying on hats, sunglasses, necklaces, dresses.  You smile, giggle and twirl around when we say "oh pretty Emma".  You love brushing your hair, but hate having anything put in your hair.  You take very good care of your baby dolls by feeding them, and patting them on the back and saying "awwwwww".
Although you are learning a lot from Macie in the way of climbing and being a daredevil, I think you are also teaching Macie a lot.  She sees you playing with toys, and learns how to play with them too.  Macie is much more verbal these days, and I am sure it's because you never stop talking.  You two still aren't real fond of each other, but once in a while I will catch you two holding hands, or having your own little conversation over breakfast. 
You have such an awesome personality.  You are part clown, and part sweetness!!!
Love you to pieces Little Ems!!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

It's about time she pitched in around here!!!


Macie decided she didn't want to nap the other day so this is her after dinner.  Emma is trying her best to annoy her, and it worked like a charm!!  I think Emma is trying to tell her that she should have napped when she had the chance! video

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emma is 18 Months!

Dear Emma-

I can't hardly believe you are 18 months old already! 
And that's as far as I got on this post......too busy with the 18 month old.
Promise I will write more in a few days.
Pathetic, isn't it?  Is this an example of the "2nd child syndrome"?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny story

Macie's OT was here yesterday, and they were having the best session EVER.  Macie was drawing on her Magna Doodle so the OT decided to draw with her to see if she would allow her to take turns drawing.  Macie gave up the pen to her so she drew a picture of Otis.  Macie was very interested in her drawing so the OT talked a little about Otis, and then she drew a little girl and said it was Emma.  Macie looked at the drawing of Emma, pulled the pen out of the OT's hand and violently scribbled all over Emma.  The OT decided to take it one more step and draw me sitting at a table.  Macie grabbed the pen from her and drew a big circle around me. 
Pretty much sums up how she feels about her sister!!!!