Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emma and Daddy chillin' on Easter

The Cool Cats

This is one of those pictures that she will hate me for in about 15ish years

I told Emma to say "cheese"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandma Rose

Today we are celebrating the life of Phil's Grandmother, and she will be put to rest tomorrow.  
I had the privilege of knowing Grandma Rose for seven years.  She is an amazing woman, and will be missed by many.  Grandma and Grandpa would have celebrated their 64th year of marriage next month.  I loved hearing the story of how they met, and I have never seen two people more in love than they were.  My condolences go out to the entire family as they go through this difficult time.  

Rose Scimeca Rose Scimeca (nee Martorano), 84, was the beloved wife of Philip; devoted mother of Joe (Kathy) and Anthony (Karen) Scimeca and Annette Fecarotta; loving grandmother of Philip, Joey, Kimberly, Nicole, Katie, Anthony, Bobby, Gina and Dominic; loving great-grandmother of David, Dean, Joey, Macie, Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Giovanni, Joey and Gabriella; dear sister of Kay Martino and Mary Tomczyk; fond aunt of many nieces and nephews; and cherished friend of many. Service will be on Tuesday, April 26, beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Cumberland Chapels, 8300 W. Lawrence Ave., Norridge, proceeding to St. Rosalie Church, Harwood Heights, for a 10:30 a.m. Mass. Interment will be in St. Joseph Cemetery. Visitation will be on Monday, from 3 to 9 p.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Association at or mailed to 225 N. Michigan Ave., Floor 17, Chicago, IL 60601. For information, 708-456-8300 or

Published in Chicago Suburban Daily Herald on April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is so sweet

I took this picture a few weeks ago when Emma was napping at Grandma and Papa's house. When I went in to check on her she was using my old "Pickens" as a pillow. My Great Grandma made them. I just thought it was so sweet!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh......The Face

I went in to peek on her to see if she finally fell asleep.
Who needs a bed, when you can use the dresser drawer you broke. Resourceful little girl.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Randomness (is that a word?)

Emma is getting better. At least her rash is better. She is still running a low grade fever, and she's still pooping out her ears, but she seems better.

I'm thinking about getting both the girls a haircut (gasp....). Macie just has so much hair, and with summer coming it would be easier all around if it were shorter. Emma just needs some really odd and random long ones cut that hang in her face. She looks like Donald Trump with her comb over. We'll see!

I can not for the life of me make decent sweet potato fries. They taste ok, but just don't get crisp like I would like. I want to bake deep frying. Any suggestions? I need things like that to trick Emma into eating vegetables because she won't touch them.

Weight Watchers.......ummm....I kinda fell off the wagon for a bit with all the recent things going on around here. I have lost a total of 5.9lbs though, and I am ok with that considering I haven't been good about tracking everything. I am back to tracking everything so hopefully I will have some better updates on that soon. I'm thinking about taking on another "adventure" soon, but don't want to talk about it until I really decide to do it or not. Are you curious? It's nothing crazy, trust me!!!! Mom- I promised you I would not jump out of any more airplanes and I meant it (two times was enough).

Macie is still a ham with the camera. I hope it keeps up because I am getting some super cute pictures lately.

Think that's all for now. Going to take the girls for another walk. We have to enjoy this weather before it snows again!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Designated Driver

I told Emma she should not be driving in her condition so her big sis took over.
I know......bad Mommy for having Emma outside, but the beautiful weather has to do her some good. She seems to be doing better. I might be eating those words I just typed......stay tuned.

The non-splotchy one

She's just too cute for words, and such a ham lately. The minute I bust out the camera she does a cheesy smile and poses for the camera.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Emma enjoying her oatmeal bath. Poor thing. Really seemed to soothe her!

We had to take Emma back to the Dr. today. Her rash got worse and her feet and hands were turning blue/purple. Her fever came back, and the poops are still hanging around!
Now they're not sure what it is, but are suspecting a rash caused by a virus.
They told us to give her children's Zyrtec, and that didn't do squat. She had a banana, and some saltines for dinner and it came right back out the south end in the worst way we've seen yet.
While at the Dr.'s office we discovered that Emma lost almost a pound since yesterday. Not good for a one year old! They were going to admit her to the hospital, but she was producing tears and her mouth was wet so dehydration hasn't set in yet. I am shocked that it hasn't. We are supposed to give her a few ounces of pedialyte at a time and cross our fingers that she keeps it in her body.
We have an appt. tomorrow morning to weigh her again. If she lost any more weight, or hasn't gained any back, she's probably going to be admitted to get fluids and run some tests. Keep your fingers crossed!

Fifth Disease

This is supposedly what our little Emma has. Makes sense to me because the number 5 correlates with the number of explosive poops she has in an hour, it's the number of holes that her poop is coming out, and almost reaching a temperature of 105.
Our journey with this started on Sunday. It was going to be a beautiful day, and we were going to go to the zoo. When I went to get Emma up I knew the minute I saw her that she had a fever. I picked her up and she was burning hot! 104 was her temp. CRAP. I called the Dr., and they got her in that morning. Diagnosed with just a virus. She was checked for strep, checked for ear infections, etc. I brought her home and we just hung out all day. Daddy and Macie did some work in the yard. The explosive poops started, her temp. was still pretty high, and now she wouldn't eat or drink. Around 5:00 she was pretty bad so I called the on call Dr., and she told us to take her to the ER. Took her there, they did nothing for her. She slept pretty good, and finally started fussing around 7:30 the next morning. I went in to get her and she was covered in red splotches. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I showed the ER doc a few little red dots by her armpits, and one on her back. He said "keep an eye on them".
I got her out of her crib and stripped her down. They were everywhere- her face, her arms, legs, back. Her temp was down, but I was still concerned. I called the Dr. again and they got her in for another appointment. When she saw her she said she needs to go back to the ER. They have one right next door to the office. So......took her next door to the ER. Long story short- they did nothing. They gave her benadryl to see if it was an allergic reaction to something, and gave her some tylenol. They observed her for about 3 hours, and sent us on our way with the "Fifth Disease" diagnosis. After reading up on it a bit, it makes sense.
It's very frustrating since it is a virus. We just have to give her Tylenol and Motrin for the pain and fever, and let this beast run it's course. She's barely eating, or drinking. When she does either it just goes right through her in a matter of minutes. The foulness that is coming from our adorable one year old is indescribable. We have been scrubbing and sanitizing our house constantly. This may be a job for Hazmat!
Poor thing!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be still my heart

Love the tongue hanging out!

I took Macie outside yesterday while Emma was napping. She was at the top of her slide, and just happy as can be. I turned to her and said "I love you Face", and she planted a HUGE kiss right on my lips! It was so very sweet!!!
Despite being a little under the weather yesterday, it was a good day for her. She was very vocal, connected, and very loving. Wish I knew what triggers her to have these "good days". There are much more of them than there were 8-10 months ago, but I would like them every single day please!
Would you believe that we already have an appointment with the Preschool Macie will be going to? We have a transition appointment on April 28th. We will meet with her teacher, the assistants, and the principal. I'm excited, but a smidge sad that my baby is growing up so fast and going to be going to school in 5 months!!!!! I think it will be a great thing for her!
We are also looking for a daycare to take Emma to two or three times a week (I may have already mentioned this). She needs some time with other kids.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


These precious little faces just make me total mush!!!!