Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elmo's a big perv

I switch up the books that I read to Macie every night. She likes Elmo so I decided to read "So Big" to her. I got to the last page, and this is what we got. Elmo is now banned from our house- ha! He's not so big from what I saw!!!
Gayle- I am pretty sure you guys gave this book to Macie....sicko!! Just kidding!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Everyone has their opinions, and I respect that........

it just keeps me in this crazy whirlwind of "life".

My mom sent me an e-mail from a friend of a friend. She has a son who is Autistic, and the last line of the e-mail said "God only gives children with special needs to those who have the biggest hearts". I cried. I cried because it touched me like no other words have ever touched me. I don't know this woman, but she really gave me a sense of relief. I don't know how to describe it, and I probably never will be able to. Macie has not been diagnosed with anything yet. All we know is that she is "delayed" in many areas. She has what I call "Autism days". I mean absolutely NO disrespect when I say that. Yesterday when I went in to get her in the morning, she just wasn't herself. I had to hold it together because I know if I get upset, she has a bad day. She didn't look up right away when I said "good morning Face", and when she did finally look at me it was like I was a stranger. She had no expression, no emotion and it was almost like she looked through me. It broke my heart. I knew it was going to be an "off" day for her. It was, and it was hard. I found myself wondering if she was sad, or upset, or confused. I tried all day to make her "better". We played outside, she only wanted to be out there for about 5 minutes. Other days I have trouble getting her back inside without a fight. She wanted to be inside watching Backyardigans, and laying on the floor. This type of day makes me wonder if I am expecting too much of her, if I am pushing her too hard to be at a developmental point that she is just not at yet. I have days where I wake up cranky and in a daze, why can't Macie have days like that too? She still continues to surprise us. After her bath that night, Phil came upstairs with Emma and we had our group hug before Emma had her bath. Macie was looking at Emma and smiling, she reached out her hand to her. We assumed she was going to try and poke her eyes out, but she didn't. Instead, she leaned in and gave her a kiss on her forehead, then she leaned over and kissed Phil, and then she leaned over and kissed me too. We didn't ask her to do this so it was extra special, and sweet. My heart was so overloaded with happiness I thought it was going to explode in my chest. It's moments like that that make the not so great parts of the day seem insignificant.

Why am I writing all this? It's important to me, to Phil, and most of all, to Macie. I want her to look back at this someday and see how far she has come, and all the joy she brings to our lives. It's therapy for me too. I feel better when I write about my feelings on all of this. I try to internalize a lot of what I am feeling so that it doesn't affect Macie and her progress. If I am upset, she is upset.

Another reason for writing this post was Macie's trip to the ENT. We knew it was not going to be an easy appointment, but we were prepared. We had dinner before we left, we brought games, books, toys, snacks, and her blankie!!! Her blankie is now just for bedtime, nap time, and in the car. We figured we would bring it so when she got upset it would be an extra special treat for her to have it. Anyway, we talked with the Dr., and told him she is in Early Intervention, told him she has not been diagnosed with anything, but told him what we knew....blah, blah, blah. And then the exam began and she was very upset. Phil had to hold her on his lap and restrain her while the Dr. looked in her ears, nose, and throat. She is one strong little girl. Phil had her in some crazy wrestling holds that Hulk Hogan couldn't even get out of, and she managed to break free of them. He did finally get a look, but then said he would have to take her back to another room to look at her ears under a microscope thingy. I don't know what went down back there, I stayed with Emma and listened to my little girl scream bloody murder from the other room!!! Phil, Macie and the Dr. came back into the room. Phil took Macie for a walk while I talked to the Dr. He said everything looks great, and he doesn't see anything that would be bothering her enough to disturb her sleep, or her mood. That's great news.....sorta. It's one of those situations where you are kind of hoping they find something minor that might explain some of her issues, but you're relieved there is nothing wrong. He said it could be sensory issues. We talked about how kids with Autism have sensory issues, but kids with Sensory Integration disorder are not necessarily Autistic. He asked if her therapists suspected Autism, and I don't know the answer to that. I told him that they don't/won't/can't say either way. He said, "I am fairly certain that she is not Autistic. She acts very appropriately for a 21 month old (being examined, etc.), and she makes great eye contact, etc." He's obviously not an expert when it comes to Autism, but he has had many pediatric patients that are Autistic and he didn't see any significant signs. It's always wonderful to hear that, but I don't, and will not get my hopes up. He's only getting a snapshot of her. I respect his opinion. He is one of the top 100 ENT's in the Country, and I really liked him. He was great with Macie, and he really was thorough and spent a lot of time talking to me and asking questions. He is also an allergist so our next step is to do some blood tests to check her for allergies. He didn't think that allergies are an issue with her either, and he felt that the tests wouldn't be very helpful, but I asked him to do them anyway so we could rule that out. So....that's the next step....more tests- ugh. My poor baby!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some updates

Emma is rolling over like crazy now. We put her on her back and she immediately rolls to her tummy. She isn't a fan of being on her tummy for long so she will roll back over to her back. She's giggling a lot now. I say the silliest things to her and she laughs, it's so cute!
Macie has started speech therapy. Not much to report on that since the speech therapist is just kind of getting to know her. The developmental therapist was here on Monday and did some "sensory therapy" with her, and she did awesome. She brought a bin of soy beans and Macie played with them for over 1/2 hour. She then moved on to playdoh and did really well. She was kind of freaked out by the texture of it at first, but ended up playing with it for quite a while. I am going to have to get the recipe for it from the therapist. It was purple and smelled like grapes. I am shocked Check SpellingMacie didn't try to eat it since it smelled yummy!
Macie had a couple pretty rough days last week, and over the weekend. We are messing around with her diet and trying a bunch of different things. She's been really great the past two days.....more herself. We took the girls to the park after dinner last night and Macie had a ball on the playground. Usually she just wanders away and plays on the sand volleyball court, or walks around on the sidewalks. She was climbing, going down the slides, etc. She also approached every kid there and babbled to them. She actually reached out and touched a little girls hand, almost like she was asking her to play. She chased some boys around and yelled at them. Most of you know, that is HUGE for Macie. Yesterday I gave Macie her snack trap with some crackers in it while I was making dinner. She wandered off with it, came back a while later with the snack trap empty. She put it up on the counter and did the sign for "more". I'm so proud!!!
I don't have any recent pictures to post right now, but should have some soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Macie- 21 Months

Macie Face-

You turned 21 months old today, and I have to admit that I just now remembered that. Today was also Father's Day so I hope you understand why it slipped my mind! I think I am also in a bit of denial since that means you are only 3 months away from TWO!!!

You are such a climber lately, there is nothing you are afraid of. You climb on tables, chairs, couches, you try to climb into your seat for meals.

You are learning a lot of new things with the help of some therapists that come to the house 4 days a week. It's a lot for you to deal with right now, but I know in time you will get used to it and will learn so much more. You are talking more, you are learning different ways to communicate when you can't find the right words.

We have been having so much fun outside. You have a little pool in the backyard that you love playing in. Seems you spend more time in it when you are in your clothes, but whatever works for you works for us. Just when I think you are done in there, I put dry clothes on you and you jump right in!

You are really starting to show a lot of interest in Emma lately. You give her her binky, pat her on the head, laugh at her, play with her feet, you sit next to me when I am feeding her and rub your feet on hers, you wipe her mouth, and you let her join in your tea parties. Emma loves watching you. She thinks you are so much fun, and so funny!!! I can't wait until the two of you are running around playing together.

I love you, and am so proud of all your accomplishments lately. Can't wait to see what's next!

Emma's such a big girl

She rolled from her back to her tummy yesterday (6/19/2010). She was just as shocked as we were!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Who does she look like???

Had I not birthed both the girls, I would be calling Maury for a test!

Celebrating the small (big to us) things

Macie has had a good week. She is now almost full force with therapy. She has occupational therapy on Mondays, developmental on Tuesdays, speech will start on Wednesdays next week, and a social worker coming in once a month.
Right now all the therapists are just getting to know Macie and letting her get to know them. They bring toys for her and just let her come to them. She gets nervous and upset most of the time when they first get here, but I can't help but think this has to be awful confusing for her.
We try to bring her to as many "functions" as we can, but it's hard. She tends to get overwhelmed after about an hour or two and we have to leave. Breaks my heart that this happens, but we are hoping in time that we can spend some more time with family and friends at their houses......
Macie has done some really great things in the past few weeks. Some may take them for granted, but these are huge milestones for Macie and we are so proud.
She is a bit more nurturing to Emma. She has wiped her mouth with a bib, given her her binky back, and when Emma was crying today Macie brought a cup to her and tried to give her a drink.
She did most of the work tonight when putting on her jammies.
She is becoming more verbal. Her consistent words/phrases are: all done, get down, gabba gabba, more, pool, ball.
She says "pool" when I am putting her suit on.
She is attempting to put her shoes on herself.
She is getting better at listening when I say "no mouth, come here, lay down, sit down, lunchtime (she comes in the kitchen and tries to get in her chair), etc.
When she is attempting to do something she looks at us to make sure it's ok. She is making great eye contact with us.
She has mastered climbing the slide in our yard and going down on her butt and her tummy.
She really seems to be making some good progress and we can't wait to see what the next few months will bring.
She will now look at the camera when I ask her to, but the flash bugs her. So....now all the pictures I get of her, she has her eyes closed. There is kind of a warning light that goes on and she knows the flash is soon to follow so she closes her eyes in anticipation.
I know there are so many more things she as done lately that just excite the heck out of me, but I won't bore anyone with all of them and I can't think of anymore at the moment.
One more thing.....
She is very tidy. She puts her toys away when we ask her (and show her), she always very carefully places her sippy cup on a table when she is done. She slides her plate or bowl away when she is done eating- it's so cute!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some overdue posting

A "Welcome to the world" letter for Emma from the Obama family.
My mom did this for Macie too (from the Bush family).

Thank you Mom and Dad for the beautiful flowers you sent me for my 37th (UGH) birthday.

Setting some ground rules.....

You will NOT take my cookies!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sniff Sniff

She looks so grown up in this picture.

Practice makes perfect

They are both practicing their "looks" for their teenage years.
God help us!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Emma- 4 Month stats

Weight - 13lbs. 12oz. (50th percentile)
Length - 24 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
Head - 16 3/4 inches (85th percentile)

No idea why our girls have HUGE heads.......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emma- 4 Months

My Little Em-

You were 4 months old yesterday. The day got away from me so I apologize for not typing this yesterday. It seems like time is flying by now. I have to admit that time seemed to stand still before you started sleeping through the night. The sleepless nights were really getting to us. Not that we didn't love spending that time with you, but it's hard to function after a while when only getting a few hours of sleep a night. You are now sleeping 10-12 hours a night, and we are very thankful for that.

As I sit here typing this you are laying next to me. You are "chatting", giggling, smiling, blowing bubbles, and grabbing at anything within your reach. You have grown so much lately. You are now eating 6-8 oz. at a time, but your feedings have become more frequent as I am sure you are going through a major growth spurt right now. You are finally wearing your 3-6 months clothes. I have to say that I am loving this warm weather because I can dress you in all the cute clothes you have and see the chub on your little arms and legs.

You are pretty easy going for the most part. You are very tolerant of your sister climbing on and around you. You love watching her run around inside and outside. You love when I read books to you. You look at the pictures like you fully understand what I am reading to you. You LOVE being talked to and get a little upset when someone is not talking to you all the time. You are going through a little phase where Mommy and Daddy are really the only ones that you want to talk to you or hold you. That gets a little hard since we can't hold you all the time....you get pretty mad.

We started giving you oatmeal last week. You seem to enjoy it, but don't eat a lot of it. I mixed in some bananas yesterday and was surprised to find out that you're not too excited about them. You spit most of it out. I don't get it since I have tried the plain baby oatmeal, and it's not very good. It has to taste better with the banana in it. You did enjoy peas the other day. That happens to be Macie's favorite so I am no too surprised that you love them too.

We're pretty sure you are going to pop some pearly whites through your gums pretty soon. You want to chew on everything and you are drooling like a rabid dog. We've gone into the "bib" stage. We have to have one on you all the time or you will soak your clothes with drool. I'm not a fan of the bib stage so if you could bust those teeth through soon, we would appreciate it very much!!!

Happy 4 months sweet baby. Every time I look at you, you smile and it warms my heart!!!
I love you!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Rainforest Jumparoo is back

and Emma loves it too. We had Macie in this thing until she could walk. I thought Macie might get upset when I put Emma in it for the first time, but she just walked over to it, smiled and giggled at Emma and walked away.
She looks like such a big girl in it....sniff sniff!



My new nickname for Macie is "Snoopy". Ya know how Snoopy is always on top of his doghouse? Macie has to be on top of EVERYTHING right now. That's all she does all day.....climbs anything and everything.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How did I forget to mention this?

Emma has consistently been sleeping 10-11 hours for a few weeks now. If we could just get her to do it in her crib now.......
Both my kids are/were swingers....ha!


More randomness

I am getting so behind with blogging lately. There is just so much stuff going on, the weather has been nice, and I am just plain busy!

Macie is doing well with her developmental therapy. We have noticed a "change" in her over the past two weeks or so. Can't quite put our fingers on it, but she's just more alert, engaged, happy, etc. She is talking a bit more, signing again, just overall very happy!

We went to Mike and Kim's over Memorial Day weekend and it was so nice and relaxing, and the girls had a blast with everyone! Macie ran around with her cousins for 3 days and just exhausted herself. Emma of course was spoiled with attention and couldn't have been happier!

We went to Mark and Gayle's on Memorial Day and Macie and Emma got to play with more cousins. The weather was kind of cruddy, but we still had a good time (I got ZERO pictures that day!).

Emma is eating cereal now. I was going to hold off, but she gets worked up every time we sit down to dinner. She smacks her lips and stares at us, then cries because she's hungry. We figured it's time to give her something besides formula. She seem to really like it so far, but she still seems hungry. Maybe we'll give her a big fat steak next!

She's growing like crazy and I am pretty sure her two bottom teeth will be making an appearance soon.