Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The park

We took a walk over to the park by our house today. It was so beautiful outside and Macie had a ball. She loved riding to the park in the wagon. Emma really seemed to enjoy the fresh air too.
There is a sand volleyball court at the park and Macie thought it was the biggest sandbox ever. She's going to be upset if we go there and people are actually playing volleyball.
What a great day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More fun outside

I am so happy we have a fenced in yard. Macie could, and would spend all day outside if she could. I put Emma in the Snugli and Macie in the stroller and we went for a walk today. When I got back to the house Macie gets upset because she knows we are going to go inside. I got Emma situated in the house and we spent the rest of the day outside in the yard. She has so much fun exploring, and she doesn't mind getting dirty at all.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our girls- Random post

Macie is loving the weather lately....hope it keeps up. We got her a Princess Bike. Her little legs don't reach the pedals just yet, but we're just spending some time getting her used to the bike.

Macie is showing more and more interest in that little person we brought home almost 7 weeks ago. She's just too independent and busy, she can't be bothered with her much.

Macie enjoying some more time outside. She thought it was pretty neat to be able to draw on the patio.

I'm afraid I am losing another one to Daddy.....

Video of Emma rolling over (she doesn't quite make it completely on her back in this video, but you get the idea)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Macie- 18 Month Stats

Weight - 28lbs  (95th percentile)
Height - 32 inches (70th percentile)
Head - 19 3/4 inches (95th percentile)

It's getting to be a big joke at the Pediatrician's office now.  I have been there way too many times in the past few weeks.  It's been a rough couple of weeks with both say the least.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our family and friends who have checked in with us, sent e-mails, called, sent a text, watched one or both the girls.  I hate to sound so negative lately, but it's very difficult to see your children drains the life out of you. 
Macie had her regular 18 month check up today with the added bonus of having to had some blood work done.  They are checking for metabolic disorders (diabetes, thyroid, etc.), Precocious Puberty, blood counts, platelet counts, potassium levels, name it, she's being tested for it.  She also has "Intoeing" on her right foot/leg.  The Dr. said it's either metatarsus adductus (which is a "turn in the foot"), but believes it's internal tibial torsion (a "twist in the tibia").  It's another "wait and see" issue that may correct itself.  If not, there are options to correct it.  I've noticed for a while that her jammies don't fit her right foot the same way as the left.  The traction on the bottom of the feet does not line up with the bottom of her foot, it's up on the side of her foot.  Hard to describe.  I noticed that it's getting worse and is starting to affect her knee.  She does stumble once in a while because of it, but she has some amazing balance and always manages to catch herself.  She does face plant once in a while, but not too often.  Doesn't seem to bother her any, but would imagine if it doesn't correct itself that there would be some long term issues. 
So, add this to the list of things to worry about. 
One day at a time, right?  I can't change the outcome of any of this, we can only pray that everything works out for the best. 
Poor thing got her chicken pox shot today too.  We weren't going to do it, but Phil hasn't had chicken pox and protecting Macie from it protects Phil from getting really ill. 
I need a drink!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Macie-18 Months

Say what?  18 months?  It can't be true.  My "baby" is a year and a half old.  So many things have changed since the last letter post and I don't know where to start.  Just in the past two weeks so many changes have taken place with you.  You are "talking" so much more now.  We don't necessarily have any clue what you are saying most of the time, but you are quite a chatty little girl.  I just love it when you get your hands moving while talking, you are so serious and act as if what you are saying is the most important news ever.  Some new words and/or phrases you have added to your expanding vocabulary are:
Down Otie (when he's trying to eat your food)
Sssshhhhhh baby
Duck and quack (actually it's Duck a duck a duck a....qua qua)
Yo Gabba Gabba (nice huh?)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Go (Yo Gabba Gabba thing again)
No no no no no
You know where everyone else's belly button is but your own
Nigh nigh (Night Night-Duh)
Nana (banana)
Go Go Go
She also signs:

I know there is quite a bit more but my brain is mush!  I told myself to write them down but I didn't-dang it.

You LOVE books and we can't read enough of them to you it seems.  You now have a bedtime ritual- Daddy goes up and starts the bath for you and gets everything set up.  I hang with you downstairs and get you undressed.  When I remove the gate from the bottom of the stairs you run to them and climb up.  When you reach the top of the stairs you get to your feet and run to your room.  You immediately go over to your bookshelf and pick out a book.  You do it with such determination and care.  You look at the books, pull some out part way, push them back until you decide the PERFECT book.  When you find it, you head to the bathroom, put the book on the toilet, and head to the tub.  It is so cute and you do it the same every night.  We MUST read you the book you so carefully selected or there is hell to pay for Mommy and Daddy.  When we read to you, you point to the pages and objects at the appropriate time.  Goodnight Moon is still your fav and Grandma and Papa replaced it because you wore it out.  The binding was falling apart, the edges are all ratty.  We still read the old one from time to time because I don't want the new one to be ruined.
The biggest event so far in your life aside from being born is becomming a big sister on February 8th.  You really couldn't care less that Emma is here.  The only time you do show interest in her is when she is borrowing one of your blankies.  You are sure to let her know that it is not hers, and she is not to use them.  I understand why you don't want her to, but I do it out of convenience since there is always one wherever you are.  You do show interest in her once in a while, and you smile and put your finger to your lips and say "ssshhhhhhh", it's adorable.  Then right after that, you make sure you yell as loud as possible.  After all, if you're not sleeping....why should Emma be.  I have no doubt that you two will be the best of friends, it's just taking you a bit to warm up to her.  I will stick up for you and say it has been difficult to warm up to her since she's having a bit of a struggle right now and cries a lot.  It gets to you after a while, especially when you are trying to catch your latest episode of the Backyardigans! 
You are growing up so fast and it's bittersweet for sure.  I want you to stay little forever, but as you grow and learn new things, it's so fun and exciting.  I know you adore being outside and the weather is getting a bit better so we will be spending a lot of time outside with you so you can explore and learn more!
18 months with you has been the best 18 months of my life!!!
I love you Face!!!


Just a little sidenote here:  I do brush my child's's out of control!  My mom trims it in the front once in a while just to keep it out of her eyes since I am not ready to get her a full out cut.  She's rocking the "business in front, party in the back"!!!  She WILL not let me put cute bows, headbands, etc. in her hair and of course when I brush it, she messes it up- cuz that's FUN!!!! 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emma's 1 Month Stats

Her one month appt. is off a bit since we had to take her in for a weight check.  So, it's really a 6 week appt.  We will be on track for month 2. 
I took Emma to the Dr. tonight not only for her well visit, but to try and figure out why she is so uncomfortable.  I think it's a combo of reflux and lactose intolerance maybe.  We tried a lactose sensitive formula with her and had her on Axid for the reflux, but she's still fussy and crying pretty much all day and night.  You can just tell that she is uncomfortable and it's breaking our hearts.  It's horrible to see your child in pain and not know what to do about it.  You do all the basics (feed, diaper, burp, rock, etc.) and it's just not enough.  Now she's taking Zantac and the Dr. is having us try soy formula.....please cross your fingers that this "cocktail" works!!!
Here are her stats:
Height-  21 Inches (25th percentile)
Weight- 9lbs 14oz (50th percentile)
Head- 14 3/4 inches (50th percentile)

I was looking back at Macie's one month stats and she weighed 11lbs at one month!!!  We were giving her rice cereal in her bottle for her reflux...boy was it working.  We can't give Emma the rice cereal since she's having a bit of trouble with the train leaving the station, if ya know what I mean.....poor thing!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is that DCFS I hear knocking on the door?

After we feed Macie dinner, she gets a cookie.  Phil went over and grabbed the box of cookies, I wasn't really paying attention.  All the sudden I hear...."what the F^$% am I doing?". 
This is the "cookie" Phil almost gave Macie.

Sad thing is it took him a while to open the new box which is also much larger and heavier than her box of cookies.  Too funny. 
We desperately need some sleep over here.  I made my morning cup of coffee the other day- I poured my creamer in and then tried to put my coffee cup in the fridge instead of the creamer. 

Congratulations Marissa and Shawn

My cousin Marissa and her boyfriend Shawn are expecting!!!
We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet him or her!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Go Emma Go!!!

Emma rolled from her tummy to her back today.  Thought it was just a fluke,  but I put her back on her tummy several times and she kept rolling over.  Think it might have a little to do with the fact that she's not a big fan of tummy time. 
Way to go Emma!
I grabbed my camera to get it on video, and when I turned the camera on...the batteries were dead- ugh.
Figures.  It's probably due to the fact that I took 100 pictures before she actually rolled over.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Poor Emma

Phil came up with "Macie Face", and I had high hopes that I would come up with a nickname for Emma.  Pretty much since we were in the hospital Phil keeps saying "oh, Sitting Bull".  I keep asking him why he is calling her that and he said "she looks like Sitting Bull" (she always has such a serious "stone face" going on).  We pulled up this picture. 
We MUST come up with a nickname for this poor kid....this one CAN NOT stick, she'll hate us forever (not just from 12-25 years old).  I call her Ed, but Phil's not a fan of that one.  Sometimes I call her #2, reminds Phil of poo, and she might get a complex- ya know, not being called #1!! 
Can you tell we are sleep deprived, sitting around thinking of things like this?


In lieu of a DNA test for both Phil and I in regards to Emma, we decided to compare some pictures.  My mom dug up some old baby pictures of myself and some of hers too.  We think Emma looks a lot like both of us as newborns.  I am going to put the pictures on here to compare, but I am having a heck of a time with Blogger lately.  It's not spellchecking for me anymore, and pictures never go where I think they are going. 
Now that I have added the pictures I am not so sure I see the similarities.  If you see Emma in person and then look at the baby pictures of my Mom and myself, you definitely see similarities.  Anyone else see any, or am I crazy (you don't have to really answer that either)?
I think that Emma and Macie look alike in certain pictures- Emma just has more hair. 
The one of my brother holding me looks like Ryan holding Emma- so weird.  We are going to have to get a picture of Ryan holding Emma now and then compare those two.
So, let me know if you see similarities. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If I could bottle this....

or at least get a friggin' picture! 
Macie slept until almost 8:00 today and woke up in the most amazing mood.  She is usually in a good mood in the morning, but today was different.  She took a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday, and was pretty defiant most of the day yesterday.  Growth spurt maybe?  Fighting a cold?  Who knows, but it was a difficult day for all of us. 
Today is the first day that Macie has actually shown (positive) interest in Emma.  I had Emma sitting in the boppy on the couch with me and she was fussing a bit.  Macie came over with a huge smile on her face (not the "I'm going to take this opportunity to poke your eye out and make you cry harder" kind of smile) and said "awwww baby" and gently touched her head, and then her hand.  I picked Emma up and held her closer to Macie and said "would you like to give her a kiss?".  Macie took her head in both her hands and kissed her on the forehead.  I teared up....damn hormones!
Shortly after that I was feeding Macie breakfast and she decided that she wanted to share her breakfast with me.  This is a big deal to me since I have been working really hard on getting her to understand sharing.  She was putting waffles and bananas in my mouth and then would clap cute! 
I have been showered with hugs today from Macie.  Quite a nice change from the face slapping and kicking me in the gut when I am changing her diaper. 
It's mornings like this that I have to step back and realize that what we are going through right now is temporary, and it's not the end of the world.  It just feels like that sometimes when you are holding a screaming baby, balancing her bottle in her mouth with your chin and feeding a demanding toddler who is also crying because you can't get the food to her fast enough.  And....doing it on 3 hours of sleep. 
And that is why I wish I could bottle these moments as I am sure reality (and Macie) will slap me in the face shortly. 
Macie kissing her baby doll....maybe we did teach her something. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks Aunt Deb, Uncle Steve and Sammi

for having us all over on Saturday for pizza and to hang out.  We had a great time.

Our little chunker!

I decided to take Emma to the Dr. today to figure out why she seems so uncomfortable.  Seems she had acid reflux just like Macie did.  We got some meds, so hopefully that will do the trick.
She's not having any issues gaining weight that's for sure.  She weighed in at 9.5lbs today.  Granted she had a wet diaper on and all her clothes, but still!!!! 
Because of previous appointments to check on her after birth, we don't have her 1 month appt. until the 19th.  I hate that it's so far off from her actual one month mark.  Think I will try to get that straightened out next time we are there. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emma- 1 Month

Dear Emma-

I can hardly believe you are a month old already.  It's especially hard to believe since your actual due date was just a week ago.  You decided that you wanted to meet us three weeks early, and I can't thank you enough for that.  You were really taking a toll on my body and we couldn't wait to meet you. 
I have to admit, we were not really even close to being ready for your arrival.  Your room is not done yet, but we keep telling ourselves that you won't be sleeping in there for a bit anyway.  It makes us feel better about not getting it done yet.  I promise we will get around to it very soon. 
I was scared for many reasons when we found out we were expecting you.  I had a difficult pregnancy with your big sister and was afraid it was too soon and I would have more problems.  I was scared that Macie was only going to be 17 months old when you were born and how could I possibly handle such a task- a newborn and a toddler?  My biggest fear was that I would not have the capacity to love you since I thought I had used it all up on your sister.  Boy was I wrong.  The moment you were born was such an amazing realization that my heart can grow big enough to love you more than I thought possible.  When they handed you to me, I had such a sense of peace and contentment and all my fears subsided.  I was in love at first sight.  We chose your middle name, Diane, to honor your Grandma who was there when you entered the world. 
Your journey into the world was a very fast but difficult one.  For that reason, you had to be watched pretty closely for a few days, but everything turned out great.  You adapted pretty well after a few days. 
I have to admit that this past month has been a challenging one.  I have been pretty emotional and I am trying very hard to adapt to this new life with you and your sister.  Macie doesn't quite understand you, where you came from, and why things have changed.  I get a little nervous when I feel like I am not giving equal time to the two of you.  Maybe that's why you stay up from 2:30 to 6:30 am pretty much everyday- you want Mommy all to yourself.  Well mission accomplished, we have had an awful lot of bonding time this past month.  I think you might have colic.  At least that's what it seems to be, but I am obviously going to let the Dr. figure that out.  I am very sleep deprived and try so hard to soothe you, but nothing seems to work.  You've gotta work with me so we can both get some sleep.  This too shall pass, right???  It's quite flattering that you want me to hold you and cuddle you all the time, but don't you get sick of me?  I know, I need to step back and enjoy this time because I know it flies by and pretty soon I will lose you to Daddy!  Just be careful, Macie is not gonna like it!
You have grown so much this past month.  You are really doing a great job of holding your head up.  You love being talked to and of course held.  We're not quite sure who you look like, but you're still so little.  You have black hair like your Daddy, and I have noticed that you are getting those long, dark eyelashes like your sister.  You have some crazy long fingers and toes, but they are slowly starting to chunk up- so cute.  You have a birthmark on the back of your head, exactly like your sister did.  You also have a "knot" on the outer edge of your left ear, just like Grandma Scimeca.  I could go on and on about all the adorable little details of you, but I will spare you and everyone that reads this. 
I can't wait to watch you grow and what the next couple weeks, months and years have in store for us.  I know you and your big sister will adore eachother. 

All my love,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can I get a little salt

for my words?  I am eating them just like I said in my last blog.  Emma was up ALL least until about 4am when Phil had to take over. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Emma is 3 weeks

And today was her due date. 
I'm not gonna lie, it's been a rough 3 weeks, but wouldn't change it for the world!  She went through a little phase where she was not sleeping at all in the middle of the night.  It's tough that I can't sleep when the baby sleeps, and then am up all night.  When Macie was a newborn, I could sleep during the day since that's all she did- it was wonderful.  It gets a little hairy sometimes during the day when both Macie and Emma need something at the same exact time.  Macie is not at the age where you can just leave her in a room for a bit.  She has become a climber suddenly and she's not a very graceful climber yet!  So, I have to be on my toes and be strategic about things, and that's hard when you are living on very little sleep!!! 
Emma has been better the past few nights (I will probably be eating those words now that I typed them out).  Phil and I have an awesome system (it's awsome to me anyway since I get three consecutive hours of sleep), and she slept for 4 hours straight last night.  Yay Emma! 
Macie is starting to warm up to Emma a little bit more everyday.  We have graduated from ignoring her completely to trying to poke her eyes out.  Macie HATES when she cries (and it is by far the loudest cry I have EVER heard- no joke), and she puts her hands on her ears or head!!  Every once in a while Macie will look in her direction and smile, but that's about it.  Macie is a busy girl, she can't be bothered with "that thing". 
My parents, Katie and Ryan stopped in today to see Macie and Emma.  Katie just loves her cousins, she's so cute with both of them.  She held Emma for a long time and then pulled Macie around in her wagon- they had a blast.  Ryan kinda did his own thing....too many girls around for his liking!