Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday David!

Hope you had a great birthday celebration!

Congratulations to the Espositos!!!

Congratulations to Jen, David, Big Brother Nicholas & Big Sister Francesca!
They welcomed Luca on Wednesday, February 24th!
Can't wait to meet him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Sis

Macie still couldn't really care less that there is a baby in the house.  She hardly ever seems to notice her.  Once in a great while she will look in her direction, but I think it's to scan and make sure that Emma isn't using any of her things. 
I decided that now is a really excellent time to screw up my first born.  While she's adjusting to having a little sister take over her world, I have decided to finally take away her before bedtime bottle.  Then yesterday and pretty much for the past week Macie has only taken a 45 minute nap.  She used to be unbearable around 10:00 and she would sleep from 10-12.  I decided today that I would keep her up until after lunch and hopefully she will nap longer.  She seems to be doing ok so far.  The bottle at bedtime wasn't even an issue (at least not that we can tell yet-it's only been 2 nights).  I am about to give her lunch and she's a bit tired but not having any meltdowns yet!!!  She's a pretty adaptable kid, but I was really being ballsy doing all this in a week that I am here by myself with no back up!!! 
Poor kid is really getting screwed. 
This is the closest she has come to "hanging out" with her kid sister!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My brain is absolute mush these days so I have not been blogging much.  I also don't have the time.  I love little Emma with everything I have, but this day/night confusion thing is really hard when you don't have the option to nap during the day.  She has been up most of the night for the past three nights and as I type this, she is passed out.  We're talking passed out to the point of barely being able to see her breathe.  Little stinker. 
I also wanted to mention that I am still trying to come up with something clever for a title for this blog, but can't manage that right now.  I just changed it to "Macie and Emma" temporarily. is Emma durning the day

And here she is at night!

I should get her crying on the video camera.  You wouldn't believe it until you hear it full force.  You know when you step on a cat....the horrible scream they let out???  That's what she sounds like X100!!!  It scares the crap out of me everytime! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emma's First Bath

We gave Emma her first bath tonight.  Her umbilical cord "nub" fell off yesterday.  Seems a bit early to me, but it's ok- just a little crusty maybe. 
She hated every minute of the bath.  She HATES being naked.  She loves being swaddled and it has to be a really tight swaddle.  Macie hated being swaddled and would fight with all she had to get an arm loose. 
Here are some pictures of her first tubby.  She's so tiny!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Emma's Dr. Appt.

I had to take Emma back to the Dr. today for a weigh in.  She was spitting up quite a bit and with her "birth issues" they just wanted to make sure she is gaining weight.  No issues with gaining weight....she gained A POUND in one week.  Little chunker.  She's so stinkin' cute.

And here is Macie, the goofball.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I asked Phil to start my car while he was out getting the mail the other day.  I haven't driven my car in almost two weeks, and it wouldn't start after a week of not driving it when Phil was in Cleveland.  At least it will have low miles when we give it to Macie in 15 years....HA!  Anyway, Phil decided to take Macie out while he was getting the mail since she was having a meltdown about him putting his coat on and leaving.  I was in the kitchen doing something and I kept hearing the horn honking.  Annoying.  I whip open the door and yell "WHAAAAAAAT?" and this is what I see.....
You probably had to be there, but Macie was having the time of her life.  They were rocking out and she thought the horn honking was the funniest thing ever.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One week

Emma has been with us for one week now.  She is just so precious, and a great far.  She had her first check up at the Dr. on Friday and she's 6lbs 4oz...she's so tiny to me.  Macie looks like such a big girl next to her sister.  She's doing well, they are just going to have me bring her in again this Friday for a weigh in.  She spits up a lot so we want to make sure she is gaining weight.  We had to set an alarm the first few nights to feed her every three hours.  I tried without an alarm last night and she went a 4 hour stretch. 
Macie still does not show much interest in her, but she is showing her jealousy in rather subtle ways.  Breaks my heart when she cries because of something to do with Emma whether it's holding her, feeding her, etc.  I know she'll be fine, but just sad that she doesn't quite understand why she is feeling the way she's feeling.
We have had a lot of visitors over the past week, it's been so great.  I have been awful with the camera this time around so I apologize to those who came to meet Emma and I didn't get the camera out!  My Mom and Dad and Phil's Mom got to meet her right as she was born.  Due to the snow storm we got, we didn't have any visitors other than my brother at the hospital.  Thank you to Phil's mom and Gayle for taking care of Macie while we were in the hospital.  She had such a good time with you guys.  Phil's mom stayed until Thursday to help us out.  My parents came over on Thursday to visit.  Friday we just relaxed and attempted to get a bit more organized.  Saturday Mark, Gayle and Katie came over to meet Emma.  Thanks for all the Valentine's gifts- thanks to Grandma and Papa too for the V-day gifts that you sent with them!  They brought us lunch too....thanks.  Sunday Phil's Mom, Dad, Joe, Sam, Joey, my aunt Lynne, Aunt Deb and cousin Marissa all came over to meet Emma.  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts for Emma and Macie.  Thank you to Phil's family for all the food, it was so good.  Monday my parents came back to get the "baby fix" and they brought enough food to feed a family of 10 for at least a week.  Thank you so much for that.  Everyone has been so wonderful helping us out and with their generous gifts!  After my parents left, Susie, Nelson and Jaden came over to meet Emma.  Macie had a great time playing with Jaden!  Thank you guys for the cute outfit for Emma and thanks for the haircut Susie.  Thanks also to Nelson for making my laptop more safe and user friendly :-)!! 
Emma is so lucky to have such great family and friends!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Any suggestions?

I obviously need a new name for the blog.  Any ideas?
Phil asked if I was going to start one for Emma.  Would be a great idea, but unrealistic that I could keep up with two separate ones.  Sorry girls!!!
Just made me realize that I should AT LEAST get a baby book for Emma.  Geez, the second kid really gets the shaft, don't they?

Macie and Emma meeting for the first time.

We got home yesterday and we were really looking forward to introducing Macie to her new little sister.  It was not even close to being eventful at all!!!  Macie really couldn't have cared less that there was a new baby in the house.  The only time she cared was when we brought out the swing (you know....the one that Macie spent the first three months of her life in) and put Emma in it.  That did not fly with Macie.  She kept going over and stealing her blanket and taking off with it.  Guess that's her way of setting the boundaries.  She really doesn't even look in Emma's direction unless Emma is in the swing. 
Our first night home was very nice.  We actually had to set an alarm to get up and feed Emma.  She never cries, just kind of grunts a little when she's hungry.  She would much rather sleep through her feedings, but we obviously can't let her do that.  So, we got up twice in the night to feed her and that was that.  I'm sure things will change, but we sure are enjoying it for now.  We actually have a call in to the Dr. right now since we are a bit worried about jaundice.  She's looking a bit yellow and with all the bruising she had, they told us to keep an eye on that.  I'm trying so hard to get enough breast milk in to her to help and it's just a repeat of my struggles with Macie!!!  Errrrr. 
Anyway, Emma has been wonderful and she's just a little peanut.  She is sooooo tiny, I feel like I am going to break her!
Macie and Emma meet for the first time:

Daddy and his girls

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emma Diane is here

She was born on February 8th, 2010 at 11:15 P.M., 6 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  She has a full head of black hair, just like Macie did.  The journey began at my routine appointment that day.  I was four centimeters dilated and having some pretty intense contractions the night before.  I got home from the appointment and was contracting every 4-5 minutes for quite a while.  I called Phil, called the Dr. and we headed over to the hospital.  They put me in triage and "watched" me for about 3 hours.  I was really upset that they might send me packing again.  I was in a pretty significant amount of pain with the contractions and wasn't sure how I would do if they sent me home.  Finally around 6:00 they decided to admit me, I was 5 centimeters and contracting regularly.  I got the epidural pretty soon after they moved me.  I didn't react well to it and my blood pressure went really low.  They gave me some oxygen and some ephedrine to bring it back up and then pumped some liquid evil (pitocin) in me.  That's when the fun started.  I was having some decent contractions, but seemed to be stalling at 6 cm. for a while.  Then I could tell it was almost time, I was in a lot of pain and begging for more drugs.  I was almost completely dilated and having back labor so there wasn't anything they could do for me at that point.  All I can say is....OUCH.  I did not have anything close to the pain with Macie that I had delivering Emma.  I was crying, screaming, begging the Dr. to "get her out".   I actually feel a bit nauseous talking about the pain!!  My Dr. pretty much told me that I experienced "natural" child birth.  The epidural either wore off at the end or it just didn't "take" with me.  Kudos to the women that have their children without an epidural.  My mom never had one and she felt bad for me while pushing Emma out.  It was quick, so I am VERY thankful for that.  I was fully dilated at 11:06 and she was out at 11:15.
She is absolutely precious, and we are more in love than we thought capable!  She had a rough entrance into the world which caused some pretty significant bruising all over her tiny little body.  Her face was probably the worst.  She also is very red.  She looks like she has a sunburn.  This is due to having a high red blood cell count.  They have been doing all kinds of tests on her to make sure the levels are "safe", and they are.  It will just take some time for her to adjust being outside.  She was three weeks early and trying to regulate herself.  We are hoping to take her home today with us, and it's looking pretty promising.  They are checking her billirubin levels which are a concern especially with the bruising she has. 
So....after all that babbling, I present to you Emma Diane Scimeca.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Went for my 37 week visit this morning.  I was up all last night with contractions....came really close to heading to the hospital, but decided to wait it out and go to my appointment today.  While he was measuring my belly he felt me contracting.  I told him that the Maternal Fetal Specialist thought inducing me this week would be best and he said "we'll do it next Wednesday".  I was ok with least I can mentally prepare, right?  He decided to check me to see if I was dilated....OUCH.  I am 4 cm dilated!!!!  Holy crap!!!  He then decided to call and consult with the other Dr.  They decided that this Thursday would be best for induction, but they both thought I would "go" on my own before that.  The Dr. told me if my contractions were 5 min. apart for an hour to head to the hospital.  As I sit here and type, they are about 3-5 min. apart and I am just waiting for Phil to get home and we are heading to the hospital.  I'm nervous, excited, nauseous, name it. 
We will soon be a family of four!!!  Can't wait to meet her!
My next update should be the announcement and some pictures.  Wish us luck.
Love to all!!!

Here are some last belly shots!!! 


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 65th Birthday Papa!!!

Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!!! 
Love you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An entry about Macie- Not Mommy....for once!!!

It seems like it's been so long since I have done an entry about Macie.  I looked back and it really has not been that long, but I still feel bad doing so many updates about ME!! 
This is the time I should be updating on Macie since she changes so much everyday.  Phil got home from his trip and noticed a lot of changes in her (size and personality).  He said she looks taller, and she is such a clown now.  She must have an audience at all times, and is not happy until everyone around has stopped what they are doing, looked at her, and laughed.  She makes all kinds of silly noises and faces to get your attention, and then it's a "one toddler show".    She is a dancing fool now.  She has a piano that plays a bunch of tunes, but there is one in particular that she goes nuts.  She starts by doing a little jig, and then she runs across the room and does this fake, exaggerated laugh and runs into the couch (kinda like she's performing the Heimlich on herself).  It's hard to explain, but hilarious. 
She also is quite the Soccer player.  Her and Daddy really enjoy kicking the ball to eachother, and she's quite good.  I really should be getting videos of all this, but it's hard....she moves quick. 
She's not talking a whole lot, but I have a feeling we are going to be in trouble soon.  I think she's just going to wake up one day saying whole sentences and we won't be able to shut her up.  She talks in her own language right now and uses hand gestures all the time.  It's so cute.  She seems to learn a word and sticks with it for a few days and just repeats it all day.  This week is Duck- Duck a Duck a Duck a Duck a Duck.  I haven't heard a "Mama" in a very long time....annoying.  She calls me "Dada" too.  She does say "Daddy" now too- Poor Mommy!!!  I'm sure in time I will want to change my name she will be saying it so much. 
We are working on learning animals, the sounds they make and colors right now.  She's more interested in turning pages of books and eating them than learning much from them.  I have also been working on some sign language with her.  She knows "milk" and "eat" right now.  Takes a lot of patience which I don't seem to have much of these days.  That will hopefully change very soon.
So, that's all for now with Macie.  I'd like to say she's excited to meet her baby sister, but she has no clue what's going to hit her in the next few weeks.  We have been giving her baby dolls to get used to having a baby around, but she just wants to pull out their eyelashes and chew on their fingers.  She does give an occassional kiss and hug, but would rather poke and chew!!! 
Here are some random pics of her:

36 week NST

I had my weekly NST today and ended up spending a little more time there than I have been.  They tried stimulating her with the buzzer thingy and she wasn't responding like she should.  The nurse said she would give it a few more minutes and then she was going to go get the Dr. and they would probably do an ultrasound.  Apparently baby didn't like that idea since she started waking up.  They got a few "good reads" from her and then the Dr. came in anyway to "chat".  I adore this Dr., by the way.  He's the Maternal Fetal Specialist and he's just the nicest, most personable, caring guy.  He talks to you like you are human and he addresses any and all concerns.  He asked me how I was feeling, and I just said "eh, ok".  He wanted me to ellaborate.....BAD IDEA.  I haven't slept in a week due to some pretty strong contractions and having to pee every 5 minutes.  I am just rather run down in general.  I am so much bigger in my belly this time and it really kinda sucks.  Not that being 20lbs heavier and big everywhere with Macie was great, but there are parts of my body I haven't seen in months.  I was able to shave my legs with no problem the day I had her.....not so much with this one.  Can't manuever around the Buddah!  I digress, sorry!!!  Anyway, the Dr. asked me how far along I am and I told him that I will be 37 weeks on Monday.  He then says "so, we probably won't see you next week then."  I said "pardon me?".  He said that I should really talk with my OB about being induced after next week.  You are considered full term at 37 weeks.  He said that with Pre-eclampsia, it's not a real great idea to go much further than that.  Now as excited as I wanted to be about OB is not the "inducing" kinda guy.  I kinda get the feeling if I mention it to him, he won't do it just for that reason.  I am sure that is not the case and he will do everything to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy, but my aching back brings out the pessimist in me!!! 
So......My next appt. is Monday.  Until then......

I have to apologize to Macie.  I have been slacking in the updates for her blog.  I am consumed with Dr. appointments and exhaustion.  I am trying to keep everyone updated via the blog since everyone knows how much I LOVE chatting on the phone- ugh!!! 
I will do an update very soon for the Face....promise. 

Still can't find the spell check button.......where oh where are you???? 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 36, and the diagnosis is........

Phil and I only produce big headed babies!  Dang!!!  I had my growth ultrasound today, and she looks great.  She's weighing in at approximately 5 lbs. 12 oz.   According to everything I read, 6 lbs. is the "norm".  My blood pressure was great (112/70), and another lb. gained.  As the Dr. is doing the ultrasound he says "she has a big head" and the student in the room says "oh yeah, she's got a big head".  GREAT, thanks for the double verification on birthing another baby with a large head!!!  Why wouldn't they just not say anything?  I didn't know Macie had a huge head before I had her and I liked it that way.  Can't say it was so pleasant getting her out!  Of course this is the only thing I think about now. 
Anyway....I got off track there.  I had the ultrasound to make sure that she was growing appropriately since I am having "issues".  Seems my "issues" have subsided for a bit.  I was seen in Labor and Delivery on Saturday for high blood pressure and I was not feeling "right".  I called the Dr., told him what my BP was and he told me to go to the hospital.  I was there for about an hour and 1/2 and they sent me home.  HATE THAT!!!  I told Phil I will not be going back unless I know for SURE that she is on her way out!  While I was there I was contracting every 4-6 minutes but could barely feel any of them.  We got home and around midnight the fun started.  I was having really strong contractions that almost had me in tears and they ended up being 5 minutes apart for about 2 hours.  I got in a warm bath and they subsided, but the minute I got out they started back up again.  I got so tired finally and fell asleep for a bit and when I woke up again, they were gone.  No clue what that was, but I sure as heck wasn't about to go back to the hospital! 
So, seems she's going to stay in there a bit longer than we all thought.  That's a good thing, but I sure hope she decides to come before her head gets any larger!  Macie was born at 37 weeks 2 days and was 7 lbs. 1 oz. and the Dr. told me that this baby was going to be bigger than her. 
Sorry I did a lot of babbling on this post.  I'm getting anxious and want to meet her.  So, will she come on her own, or will my body become uncooperative again and they'll have to get her outta there with the evil drugs??? 
We shall see....stay tuned.