Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Phil!

Macie and I just wanted to wish the best Daddy and Husband a very happy 36th birthday today. We love you so much!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Well almost....
Macie is pretty much walking now. For about 2 weeks she has been walking the perimeter of whatever room she is in, and just kind of holding on to the wall for stability. On Saturday at Phil's parents house she was letting go and walking from point A to point B. I give it a couple days before she is full out running!!! I was afraid it was never going to happen. She just needs a bit more confidence and she'll be on the go.
Hoping to get a video of it soon.

The day after Christmas

The day after Christmas we went to Phil's parents house and had our Christmas celebration with his mom and dad, his brother, sister in law, and Macie's cousin Joey. It was an awful drive with the massive snow storm, but was worth it!!! I was worried that Macie was going to be burnt out from the long weekend, but she still had a lot left in her. She played with her cousin Joey, and they opened gifts together. Phil's mom and dad also outdid themselves with all the presents and food!!! Thank you to Grandma and Papa, Joe, Sam, Joey, Kim, Mike, Kayla, Dean and David for all the wonderful gifts!! We stayed overnight and drove home the next day....we were all beat (I'm sure you can tell from the last picture that Macie was exhausted from all the excitement).

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we headed over to my parents house to open gifts and have dinner. Once again, my parents outdid themselves with the presents and the food. Macie is now in that stage where she doesn't like taking a nap if she is having too much fun. This was the case over the entire weekend. She was having such a good time with her cousins that she fought taking a nap, but finally did and we are all so glad she did. Thanks Grandma and Papa for all presents and the yummy grub. My mom had a 25lb. turkey and I think Macie ate about 20lbs of it. Also, thanks to Uncle Mark, Auntie Gayle, Katie and Ryan for all the great gifts!

Christmas Eve 2009

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family. We headed over to Mike and Jackie's house for the festivities. Macie had so much fun, and she got some really great gifts!!! Thank you for having us Mike and Jackie! Thanks to everyone for all the nice gifts. I have tons of pictures, here are just a few.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Macie was not happy with the sales this week!


First experience in snow.

We took Macie outside today for her first time actually playing in the snow. You can pretty much see from the pictures that she wasn't a big fan. Actually....I should say that she enjoyed touching the snow and eating it. She absolutely HATES having a coat and/or mittens on. She gets upset whenever we go somewhere and have to put a coat on her. She didn't like being swaddled either, she's just like her mommy- hates to feel confined. Once Phil took one of her mittens off and she could feel the snow and play with it, she was fine. Maybe we'll try gloves!!!
Here are some pictures from today.
Thank you again Mom and Dad for the new camera.....what a difference! Our old camera sucked!

30 Week Appointment

Went today for my 30 week check-up and everything is great. I passed my Glucose test- thank god! Baby's heart rate is 145, my blood pressure was 102/60 (really low for me), I am measuring at 30 weeks and no weight gain in the past two weeks (I think their scale is broken since my clothes are telling me otherwise).
Not much to report, and that's a good thing.

I am loving all the Christmas Cards we are getting....keep them coming!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Long overdue announcement....

I am a terrible wife. Phil found a job THREE WEEKS after being laid off!!! I am so proud of him. He worked his butt off getting his resume out there and networking through friends and previous co-workers. He got an amazing offer with a company called Barnes Distribution, and it's exactly what he's been looking for!!! He will have a home office and just be traveling locally (except for his trip to Clevelend at the end of Jan.). They made him a very generous offer (hard to find in this crap economy) and he is worth EVERY penny. It's about time someone compensated him for his talent and hard work.
I'm so proud of you Phil, and I feel really good about this opportunity for you.
I really enjoyed the 5 weeks that you had off recently. We definitely spent some much needed, quality, family time together! Macie was ecstatic to have Daddy home. Hated to see you leave today and get back to the grind, but know that it's necessary.
Thank you for all your hard work- I love you!!!
Congratulations on your new job!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

15 Months

Macie Face-

I can't hardly believe you are 15 months old already. Time is just flying by right now. You grow and change everyday, and I wake up everyday wondering what you are going to do, or learn. You are funny, cute, charming, witty, stubborn, determined, quick tempered, independent, happy, sweet....I could go on and on. You demonstrate all these traits, and more every single day. Some of the traits make me sad because you are growing so incredibly fast, but the others make me look forward to you growing even more. Just don't do it too fast!!!
These are the things you have said/done/learned over the past three months:
*You wave bye bye and say "buh bye" while waving
*You blow kisses and make a smacking noise while doing it
*You give kisses (mostly just at bedtime and will only give them to me), it's so sweet.
*You have taken a few steps on your own, but don't think you are ever going to walk.
*You drink water out of a water bottle like you've been doing it for years. You never used a sippy (well maybe once for a few seconds, but that was it). You will ONLY drink water from a water bottle and milk from a bottle.
*You have tried every food that Mommy and Daddy eat. You love grilled cheese, pizza, peas, broccoli, apples, oranges, cookies (the organic ones are your fav.- I tried them and don't see the appeal), chicken, etc.
*You say "ki ki" (kitty kitty)
*You say "dog dog"
*You clap when you are done eating, and you remove your bib yourself. You sometimes say "all done"
*You give high fives
*You do "so big", but only when we say "how big is the Face".
*You give hugs, but only to Daddy. You crawl to him and wrap your arms around his neck/back and pat him on the shoulder, it's very cute and Daddy LOVES it!!!

Daddy has been home for the past month and you are loving it. He goes back to work on Monday and I think it's going to be hard on both of us. It's been fun having him around!!! You adore your Daddy, but between you and me....I think he's going to be more sad going back to work than you are!!!

You amaze us every single day! I can't imagine my life without you! You bring so much joy to my life and everyone around you.

I love you!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

28 Week appointment- Glucose Test

All is well. Had my glucose test today- yuck. They gave me the sugary drink and it was Fruit Punch flavor. It's not bad enough, but I HATE HATE HATE fruit punch. I won't have the results for a week since our insurance goes through a lab that is out of state! I am measuring right on the 28 week mark. Gained 2 lbs. in 3 weeks- not too bad, just hate seeing the scale go up! I'll attribute it to the fact that they weighed me before I got to pee, and I had 10 lbs. of clothes and boots on. Her heart rate was 146 and she was practicing her Karate moves during the exam thanks to the Fruit Punch flavored sugar drink. Blood pressure was good. I start going every two weeks now for check-ups. Getting closer.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wagon Fun!!!

It's another dark video, but still funny to listen to. She loves cruisin around with Daddy in her wagon. Although, not sure which is more amusing: listening to Phil, or Macie!

Katie's Ballet/Tap Recital

We were invited to see my niece's ballet/tap recital on Monday night. It was so cute, and she did a really great job! Macie loved watching the teacher dance around next to her!!!
I have some cute videos from the recital too, but blogger won't let me download videos right now! I have been trying to process one for about 2 hours now. Will try to share those later.

Would someone please tell Macie........

That no one is going to take her food away from her? She doesn't seem to know this.

28 Weeks- The Final Stretch.....literally.

I am officially in the third! Not much to report except I feel soooo much larger this time around than I did with Macie. I have gained 1/2 the amount of weight compared to last time, but feel like it's double. Weird. Still feeling pretty good, just the aches and pains that go with pregnancy. My hips have really started bothering me in the middle of the night, it's hard to get comfortable. I am thankful that I am not experiencing the swelling I did with least not yet! 82 days to go, can't believe it.
Have my glucose test tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that I pass this time! I was over by 1 point last time and had to do the 3 hour test.
And, I am pretty sure that the following picture is the only one that includes my head. I absolutely hate it, but what can ya do. I'm pregnant and huge- just have to work really hard after I have her, right?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Congratulations to the Nixon's!!! And a belated Congrats to the Weldon's!!

John and Kari Nixon welcomed Baby Boy Mason this morning around 1:45am.
He was 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches long.

Congratulations to Matt and Jessica Weldon, they are expecting sometime in June!