Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
We had a very nice Thanksgiving and a very busy weekend. We spent Thanksgiving with Phil's family at his parents house. They cooked enough food for 10 families and everything was so good!!! Unfortunately I didn't get one single picture while we were there. We were busy visiting and watching the kids play.
Friday we just relaxed at home and ate leftovers...yum!
Saturday we joined in a new family tradition of going to cut down a Christmas Tree. My family has done it before so we decided to join in. We went to a place in Wilmington that had acres of trees to choose from. We met my brother, sister in law, niece, nephew and my mom and dad there. You pull in and they give you a saw and a map that tells you where the different kinds of trees are. We found a spot and started our hunt. My parents found one right away, but not us!!! I kept thinking I found the perfect one, Phil would get ready to cut it down and I would change my mind. It was hard to navigate the stroller through the tress, but we managed and Macie seemed to enjoy it, she loves being outside!

Sunday we went to the Downers Grove Santa parade. This is our third year going, 2nd year with Macie. Last year the weather was miserable and we didn't last long enough to actually see the parade. This year we stayed for the whole thing. Macie seemed pretty interested in most of it. She like the high school bands playing and all the commotion.

Afterwards, my parents treated us to lunch and then we went home to decorate our tree.
It was a really great weekend filled with family and fun!!! Thanks everyone.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Congratulations to the Meggetts

They welcomed baby girl Abigail Paige Meggett today, 7lbs 9 oz, and 20" long.
We can't wait to see pictures.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh my gosh......

The 100 day countdown. We are so much less prepared this time around. The room still needs painting, crib needs assembling, need new cushions for the glider, and the room is loaded with crap that we need to find a home for. I think panic mode is setting in!!!
I can't help but keep thinking if I have her the same time I had Macie, that means about 80 days left, not 100!!!
I need to stop thinking and go to bed!

14 Months

Friday, November 20, 2009

Macie Patrick

Look out Danica.....there's a new girl in town.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You're going to check what? BUTT why?

Had my 25 week appointment today and all is well. Baby's heart rate is 136. I am measuring 23 weeks, blood pressure is really good (104/60) and I gained 4 lbs. in the last 5 weeks, which puts me at 9 lbs. total.
When I got there, they do all the "normal" things: pee in a cup, step on the dreaded scale, ask if the baby is moving, taking my vitamins, any bleeding, swelling, pain? Everything was good until I mentioned that I have been having some "strange" pains (do not continue reading if you don't want to know about my "issues") in my back end region. Now let me clarify: The pain starts in my lower back, radiates around to the front and then feels like someone is sticking a broom stick in my butt. Sorry, that's the only way to describe it. It's very painful and lasts a few seconds and then goes away. It's been happening on and off for a few weeks and was at it's worst on Halloween. I was having a hard time walking around trick or treating. So, the nurse takes down this information and a student comes in to do measurements and heart rate checks, and then proceeds to tell me to undress from the waist down. I say "why would you need to do an exam today, I am only 25 weeks". She then tells me that the physician's asst. is going to check for hemorrhoids since I am having pains. I try to explain to her that it's not THAT kind of pain and that I don't have THAT issue. She basically just hands me a paper cover up and leaves the room. Ok fine, go ahead and check BUTT this is not the source of the pain. While I am waiting to be violated, Macie starts having a meltdown and I can't get her calmed down. Now keep in mind, I am without clothing from the waist down and trying to figure out how to get Macie out of the stroller without losing my paper skirt. I just get her unhooked from the stroller and the physicians asst. walks in. So, I figure I can just let Macie cry it out while she does her business in my business. I look over and Macie is sliding down in the stroller. Marissa, the physicians asst. reaches over and scoots her up so she is sitting more upright- great. So....she then has me "assume the position" and she's checking my "exit only" region. Shocker, she finds NOTHING wrong. As I am sitting up, I look over and Macie is sliding out of the bottom of the stroller onto the floor. All I can say is "oh my god, she just fell out of the stroller" and try my best to get up off this table with no pants on to pick my child up off the floor. It was very slow motion and she didn't land on the floor hard, it was quite graceful and she ended up on her hands and knees- just looking a bit shocked! She was already crying so now it just got worse. Marissa picks her up off the floor and puts her on her lap to try and calm her down all the while she is still talking about my ASS with no acknowledgement that I didn't have my child properly fastened in her stroller. So Marissa is bouncing Macie on her lap to try and get her to stop crying, while I am dying from embarrassment because my kid wasn't properly strapped in her stroller and fell on the floor, and I have no pants on!!! Oh, can't forget to mention the student that was in the room the whole time that did NOTHING to help, just stood there looking like a deer in headlights.
I WILL NOT be taking Macie to anymore of my appointments in the future. I will be making my future appointments at the Downers Grove location- it's right down the street from my parents and they have offered to watch her while I go.
I always think that the appointments are going to be nothing and really quick so there's no reason that I can't bring Macie with....WRONG!
AND after all this.....still no idea why I am having the pains. Ridiculous.
Lesson of the day: Always make sure your kid is strapped in their stroller (if you have the Chicco stroller), no matter how quick you think you might be in doing something.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clean your mirror FATTY!!!

24 weeks. Nothing to report since I don't go to the Dr. until Tuesday. Guessing the next step is talking to me about weight gain, and then the glucose test. My scale only says a few lbs., but sure doesn't feel/look like it.....

On the Macie front....
Still can't get her to drink out of a sippy and she's still not walking. She did take a few unassisted steps the other night and I missed it.
She's as adorable as ever though!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kisses and Sharing

While I was getting ready to leave my parents house this morning, I went to put Macie down for her nap. I always say "give Mommy kisses", and she doesn't. Well today she actually kissed me back. It was a full out, open mouth, wet kiss and it was the sweetest thing EVER!!! It wasn't a fluke either because she has done it again. My heart melted. It's so amazing how the small things mean so much.
She has also learned a little about the rules, or should I say RULE of not try to share your cookie with the, I will eat anything, and will sit here and eat every morsel you drop on the floor, Beagle. She has been sharing her food lately with Otis and thinks it's really funny that he licks her hand. Tonight she reached down with her cookie and he snatched it out of her hand. She had a major meltdown. I gave her another one and explained to her that she can't let Otis have her cookies (I'm sure she really understood too-yeah right). She immediately reached over the side of her highchair with the cookie and it was gone again, in 2.2 seconds. Another meltdown. The only one that learned anything here was me! Let Otis outside while Macie eats a cookie. Dumb Mommy.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great Halloween this year. Last year Macie was only just over a month old and slept the whole time!!! This year she went as the cutest little cuddly bunny, and was able to trick or treat with her cousins.
Phil's parents came over to our house and then we headed over to my parents house. We all went out around their neighborhood and went trick or treating. I grew up trick or treating every single year in this neighborhood and it was so nice to have Macie experience this too! My "oldest" friend Katie and I used to go out for hours and gather as much candy as possible. Her parents still live a few houses from my parents so that's always one of our stops on Halloween. Brings back so many great memories!!!
After trick or treating we headed back to my parents house for some pizza and to hang out some more. It was like Christmas for Macie. She got a Little People Bus from Grandma and Papa Scimeca, it plays music and she loves it. Grandma and Papa Wilson got her a basket of goodies which included a new favorite toy that she can take star shaped rings off and on and it plays music. Uncle Mark, Auntie Gayle, Katie and Ryan also got her a basket of goodies with a cute cuddly bear dressed as a cute!
Katie, Colin and Ashton stopped by for a visit. Macie got to know her future boyfriend a little better. They were so cute sitting on the couch together and then Macie had enough and started a meltdown.
Macie was beat after the long day, but she had such a good time. Can't say she was too thrilled about the head part to the costume, but it was so cute on her. Have quite a few pictures where it's not even on. She would get mad and pull it off.
Thanks for a great Halloween Mom and Dad!!!