Monday, September 28, 2009

Is this scary?

Pattycake, Pattycake Baker's Man
Bake me a cake, as fast as you can.
Roll it, pat it, mark it with a B,
put it in the oven for Baby and Me.

Every time Macie is clapping, I have tried to sing this to her, and she bursts into tears when I get to the "roll it" part.

Guess maybe you have to hear my singing voice to determine just HOW scary it is!!!

She only cries when I do that part, and do the rolling motion with my hands.

So strange!!! It's not an isolated case either, I have tried three times! Mean Mommy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

After a yucky week

Most of you know that Macie has been sick most of the week. She ended up with an infection in her ears, nose, lungs, etc. She had a fever for 4 days that just wouldn't break....until yesterday. Might be why she took a 5 hour nap!!!! Yes, 5 hours- and then went to bed at 6:30 last night! Poor thing was "sleeping it off" I guess. Today she was so much better. Still a little congested, tired and cranky but almost back to herself! We even got brave and took her out for a walk and some play time outside. We missed out on quite a few things this weekend due to her illness, we were pretty bummed about it, but felt it was best to stay home with her.
Here are some pictures from today, she was so happy to be out in the fresh air.

And now watching the Bears game with Daddy!!! Go Bears!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

12 Month Check-up

Macie had her 1 year appointment yesterday. No shots since she is running a fever, has an ear infection, and her lungs are a bit "raspy". Poor thing has been sick since Monday!!! I feel so bad for her, she's just not herself.
Here are her "stats" at one year:

Length 29 3/4" (75th percentile)
Weight 24.1lbs (90th percentile)
Head 19" (99th percentile) I measured my head while we were waiting for the Dr. and mine is only 20 3/4"......we were bored and trying to entertain ourselves!!! I can't believe my head is not much bigger than Macie's. She has a big brain, or I have a really small one!!!

Dr. said besides the illness, everything is looking great with her.

We will have to go back in two weeks to get her shots and do a follow up for the infection.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 Months- Happy First Birthday Macie!

My Dearest Macie,

1 year ago today, you came into this world. September 20th, 2008 was the most important, wonderful, life changing day of my life. You have brought more happiness, laughter and fulfillment to my life than I ever thought possible. It took a lot to get you into this world, and it's all such a distant memory now that I have had a whole year to wake up to your smile, listen to your cute belly laugh, watch you learn and discover new things, watch you grow right before my eyes, listen to you try and say words, and become a little girl. You will always be my baby girl....even when you are grown.

You are growing up so fast. You say or do something new every single day. Your newest words/phrases are: "good girl", "bye bye" (with a wave), and "all done". You are so fast when you crawl that I am not sure you will ever walk. I think you realize that you can get around much faster if you just keep crawling, forget learning to walk! You pull yourself up on everything in your path and "surf" around the furniture. After you pull yourself up, you let go, stand for a few seconds and then fall on your butt and crawl to your next destination. You are really getting into your toys now and it is so much fun to watch you play and discover new things. You do have a destructive side to you. Your Daddy and I build towers with your blocks and you will spot one and come flying from across the room to knock it down. You get such satisfaction when you do this and then follow up with an "uh oh", or an "oh boy".

You had your first birthday party yesterday, and what an event that was. So many friends and family were there to celebrate YOU!!! The weather could not have been more perfect and it was just such a great day all around. You had such a good time playing with the kids, eating your cake, opening all the great gifts that everyone got you. You are going to be very busy with all your new toys and you will be VERY well dressed while doing it! You are loved by so many!!! I hope everyone had a great time at your party, I know you sure did! You have spent most of today sleeping.

I wish I could just stop the time from going so fast. Everyone kept telling me to "enjoy this time, it goes by way too fast".....that is an understatement!!! I blinked and you were one. I know that there are so many more things to enjoy as you grow and I do look forward to that!!! I must have done something really amazing in a past life to deserve you! Your daddy and I are so lucky to have you, and to have the opportunity to love you and watch you go through life! You have brought so much to our lives already and we could not be happier.

Happy First Birthday! I love you!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congrats to the Raimondi's!!!

Congrats to Nicole, Johnny, Olivia and Sophia. They welcomed Giovanni Anthony yesterday. He weighed in at 9lbs. 4oz. and 21 inches.
We can't wait to meet him!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Belated 5th Birthday Kate!

I'm sorry I did not post this on your actual birthday. Bad Auntie!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Monday, September 7, 2009

15 Weeks, a clean mirror and some landscaping!

Here is a 15 week belly shot with a clean mirror.

We spent some time today trying to make the space between our house and the neighbors look a little better. Keep in mind that our neighbors (ex-neighbors) own a landscaping business and their lawn/landscaping takes 1st prize for the worst looking in the neighborhood. I should have taken a "before" shot. It was part dirt, part overgrown weeds/grass, a bucket covering their sewer pipe and a random flat of flowers laying there. Too bad I didn't get a shot of their shattered front window!!! This is "after"....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Very random things post

I haven't posted for a while so thought I would do a random post. It's been an interesting week. Macie had another trip to the Dr. this week due to a rash on her chest and back. We weren't sure if it was a reaction from the meds., or something like a heat rash. The Doc wanted to see her just in case and did determine that it was just a heat rash. He looked her over and said she is doing good and her ears look great. That was good news all around. Forgot to mention the last time she was there they weighed her and she is 23.7 lbs!!!! WOW! Seems like a lot, but I can tell she has gotten taller recently. They didn't measure her since it was just a check-up for the ears/cold thing.

I am 14 weeks (and a few days) now and not much has changed with me (except the size of my belly). I have some good days, but feel "hungover" most days. Was hoping this would go away by now. No significant movement yet, but I think I feel some "fluttering" once in a while. Wish the little bugger would give me some reassurance jabs! The appointments seem so far away right now and it always leave me wondering if all is well in there. I will be posting a picture of my enormous belly. Every belly picture I take is from the neck down since I do them myself. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE having pictures taken. I am the MOST un-photogenic person in the world, and it sucks. Anyway....that's all that's going on with me. Oh, did I mention that I am not a fan of being pregnant? I know it's a wonderful thing and I LOVE the end result, but don't like the transformation that I have no control over.

Time to clean the mirror! And the lens on the camera- geez!

We are a tad annoyed lately with our neighbors....can't really call them that anymore. They have abandoned their house (going to foreclose) and it looks so bad. Considering they are attached to us, it makes our house look terrible. Their front window is cracked, they have crap all over their lawn (long story, but we can't really remove any of this stuff), curtains falling down in the windows, stained roof (we replaced ours recently so theirs looks 100X worse). It's just really frustrating and embarrassing. We dread having people over right now because it looks so bad. That's all my venting for now.

Hope everyone has (had) a great holiday weekend!