Thursday, August 27, 2009

A trip to the Dr.

Macie has been fighting something since Sunday. Started out with a stuffy nose and very low fever. Then the runny nose started. We tried all the traditional remedies: Tylenol, Baby Vapor Rub, mister, tubbies with the menthol bath...they seemed to help but yesterday she started getting really fussy while having her bottle. Figured it might be her ears, throat or teeth. So, we took a trip to the Dr. today and one of her ears is a little red, probably the start of her first ear infection. She's now on antibiotics for the first time...we've been lucky!

Doesn't seem to slow her down any!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Macie's latest and greatest (or messiest)

This is her new trick, and she LOVES doing it when she has a mouthfull of food!!!

And here is a cute picture!!!

Who the heck doe she look like???? Can't figure it out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Third Birthday Ryan! Hope you had a great day!!!

Nuchal Test Results

The Dr. called today and told me that everything is "within range". The results come back in one of two ways: "Within range", and "elevated risk".

Before I did the testing, my chances of having a baby with Downs Syndrome were 1 in 212.
After the test my chances are 1 in 4221.

Before the testing, my chances of having a baby with Trisomy 13 or 18 were 1 in 392.
After the testing, my chances are 1 in 7821.

No reason to do an amnio with those our opinion, not worth the risk.

Next stop.....Level II Ultrasound and finding out PINK or BLUE. Will keep everyone posted when I make that appointment.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nuchal Test

Had the Nuchal Translucency test today. It is where they measure the Nuchal Fold at the back of the neck. It's an early indicator for Downs Syndrome. Anything above 3mm can be an indicator. Baby Scimeca #2's measured 1.75mm, which is great. Also in babies with Downs Syndrome, there is no nasal bone present this early and we saw the nasal bone (and a cute one it is). The Dr. takes the information and measurements from today along with blood work results and combines them with my age and they come up with a ratio on the risk of the baby having chromosomal abnormalities. I will find out what this is on Monday. Right now, just going by my age, I have a 1 in 250 chance of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality. That chance lessens due to the Nuchal Fold measurement being low.

(Insert sigh of relief)
The test took quite a while since the little bugger was not cooperating. Baby was very mellow and trying very hard to get his/her thumb in his/her mouth. They needed baby to move slightly to get a reading and it wasn't happening. I had to chug a bottle of water on my way in and had an extremely full bladder. The ultrasound tech. asked me to go empty my bladder 1/2 way and come back. What a tease that was....that's hard! Still couldn't get the baby to move and she was really shaking it around, bouncing on my stomach. Definitely felt movement today and knew what I was feeling since I could see it. After a bit she consulted with the Dr. and asked me to do "laps" around the hospital. This included going up and down 4 floors of stairs 4 times! They don't air condition the stair wells so it was not so pleasant. Come back to the room and the baby is still chillin' in the same position trying to get at that thumb! She did finally get a measurement at some point!!!

When we walked into the room she immediately asked if we wanted to know the sex and I yelled "YES". Phil told her that my OB said they would not be able to tell this early and she looked at the screen and said "oops, I thought you were closer to 20 weeks since the last two I did were 18 and 20 weeks". I asked if she might still be able to tell and she said "well see, I have been able to tell this early before, but not very often". Long story short.....she looked and couldn't tell. Bummer. So, have to wait a bit longer to announce that.

Will update as soon as I get the final results, but we're feeling pretty good!

Here are the latest pics:

11 Months

My Sweet Baby-

You are 11 months old today, and I can hardly believe it. Not sure I can call you "My Sweet Baby" much longer. You are warping into a toddler before our eyes. Just when I think you are not going to say anymore words, or pull yourself up to standing, you surprise us. You of course have mastered crawling and getting into things that you shouldn't (cords, outlets, etc.) and because of these things you now understand the meaning of the word "NO". When you head for these items we say "No" very sternly, you look back and stop what you're doing, analyze the situation, and go right back to trying. I have to give you credit for testing us. We then have to go over and redirect your attention with a very exciting toy such as a water bottle!!! Forget the expensive toys, you will take a water bottle over anything. You are always easy to please....most of the time. We definitely have to be very creative in keeping you busy. You just want to be on the move all the time. You want to explore the world around you, and I LOVE watching you explore. You pull yourself up on everything, check it out for a bit and then move on. You now are letting go of things for a second and standing. This only means you are one step closer to walking!!!! I am torn on this milestone. I don't want you to walk and become a "big girl", but I do want you to walk because it is a HUGE milestone.......and, it will help me out a bit. I know, selfish!!!
You have been quite the ham lately. You make silly faces on command and you are always looking to get a laugh out of everyone. I could do without your "entertaining" while you are eating since you think it's hilarious to spew food all over me during your routine! Your vocabulary has gotten bigger this past month. You now say "Otie" for Otis, you say "oh boy", "naners", and "yum". In exchange for those words, you have stopped saying "Mama" completely!!! What's up with that? Is it in protest? Are you mad at me? Is it because I am working so hard on getting you to hold your own bottle? Maybe it's because I don't want you to grow up, but yet am trying to get you to do those independent things? Am I sending a mixed message to you? I adore bottle time with you since that's the only time I can get you to sit still and can stare into those big brown eyes and tell you how much I love you. I just want you to hold your bottle yourself when we are on the run!!! I've tried the sippy cup with you, tried a few different models of them and you pretty much want NOTHING to do with them. You turn them upside down and chew on the bottom. I know you will get it eventually, I just have to have some patience.
The news is out that you are going to be a big sister. We are so excited about the new addition to our family and I only wish that you could understand this life changing event. You have no idea what is going on in Mommy's tummy, and how much our lives are going to change in a few months. I have my fears of not having enough time for you, and wondering if I have enough love for both of you, but I am realizing that my heart grows bigger everyday and I don't think there is a limit on the love I feel for you, and the love that I have to give to both you and your baby brother or sister. You are going to be such a great big sister!
For 11 months my life has never been better, or more rewarding. You have brought so much love and happiness to your Daddy and I. We are still amazed by you everyday and we are so blessed to have you.
All my love,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

12 Week Check-up

Had my 12 week check-up today and everything is going GREAT! The baby's heart rate was 150 (no pictures this time either, they just did the doppler), my blood pressure was really good, and no weight gain.
Now for my appointment on Thursday.....the big one!!!! I didn't have this test last time so I am very nervous about it. It's at 11:00, so at least I don't have to sit and worry about it all day!
I hope to get some good pictures at that appointment, we'll see.
So, until Thursday.....

Oh, I have been researching some cameras on line so we are probably going to purchase one in the next few days and then I can actually get some pictures of The Face!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A few random things

Congratulations to Brian and Chelsea- they got married on Saturday. They both looked amazing.

Phil looked so handsome in his Tux!

Like the pictures? Oh, you don't see them ?ME EITHER. I took out my camera right before the ceremony and got some goofy message and the camera was "locked". I did some research and seems we are SCREWED. So, we have to venture out soon and get a new camera. Errrr.

Of course Macie is doing all kinds of cute and HILARIOUS things since the camera broke.

I'm already a cranky Beeeeeaaatch and this camera thing really put me over the edge.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Princess Macie

My Niece Kate loves to play dress up with Macie!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a few updates

I can't seem to locate my camera so there will not be pictures on this entry- sorry.
Macie is on the move ALL THE TIME!!! She crawls at warp speeds and she pulls herself up on EVERYTHING. She also bumps her head on everything and falls down a lot. My heart skips a beat a lot these days.

I swear I am feeling "quickening" and "fluttering" already. Supposedly you feel the baby move earlier than the first. Might just be what I ate for lunch- HA. I have been feeling it for a few days though......hmmmmm.
I go in on Tuesday for another check up with my regular OB. Happy to report no more spotting and very little cramping right now. Then on Thursday we go to the hospital to get the Nuchal Translucency scan. I am super nervous about this test. I don't remember feeling this way when I went in for this with Macie. I am sure I was!

I think I am rounding the corner with the nausea and tiredness. I probably jinxed myself by typing that. Only 29 weeks to go.........YIKES!

Monday, August 3, 2009


New discovery.....

Parenting at it's finest

First it was the Backyardigans. They are now old news- there is a new crew in town, and they are Dog, Duck, Sheep, etc. and they are the gang on Word World.
Just to try and save a little "face" here.....I did get a Bachelors degree in Child Development with a minor in Psychology. I have heard over and over to not sit your children in front of cartoons, it will "ruin" them, give them ADD, speech delays, etc. Contrary to what it looks like, we do not "park" Macie in front of the TV for hours a day, but we sure do put her there when nothing else will make her happy. I will also put one on for her if I am taking a shower and it's not nap time.
The other day I stumbled across Word World and left it on and Macie went crazy. She thought the dog and the duck were a riot. Below is a clip of her watching Word World.


Now after hearing that laugh, would you deny your kid the cartoon?