Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And she's off.......

I have been such a slacker lately with the posts. Macie is so busy now which means I am busy!!!

She is officially crawling now. Before it was kind of scooting, and she was confused how to do it since she really is trying to figure out how to bypass crawling and just walk. There is something wrong with my camera right now so I am unable to get a video of it, but I do have some pictures of her that are pretty darn cute!

I think I can, I think I can....

Already up to no good!!!

The mischievous look.

She LOVES when Daddy stacks her blocks so she can knock them down.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Father's Day!


Macie and I want to wish you a very happy first Father's Day. You are the best husband and Daddy we could ever ask for.

Friday, June 19, 2009

9 Months

My Sweet Macie Face,

You are going to be 9 months old tomorrow and I think I am in denial! You have officially graced us with your presence for a bit longer than you were in my tummy. I said it before and I will say it again- the almost 9 months that I carried you seemed like 9 years and it's because your Daddy and I were so anxious to meet you and study you! The nine months that you have been on the outside have gone so fast in comparison. We still study you, it never gets old! I know every roll, every crevice, every mark, every hair and every cute feature on your adorable little body. You change on a daily basis and I often find myself just starring at you in amazement that you can actually get cuter everyday.

This last month has been very busy for you. You finally said "Mama" for the first time. I definitely don't hear it as often as "Dada", but you do muster one out occasionally just to appease me. It works. You got two more teeth this past month too. You got the two top middle ones, and seems they are giving you a bit of a hard time. You are a bit more cranky than normal, but nothing some Tylenol and a teether can't fix. OK.....Backyardigans works too. If Mommy and Daddy can't entertain you enough to keep your mind off the pain, we resort to Pablo and you are all smiles as soon as he starts singing and dancing.

I thought for sure you would be crawling by the time I wrote this letter. You are so close and you get so frustrated. Daddy even gets down on the floor to show you how it's done. You do watch him and study his moves, but just can't quite get it. I would not be at all surprised if you just started walking and never crawled. You get up on your hands and your tiptoes and you try to kick one of your legs up.

You had your first and second overnight trips with both sets of Grandparents, and all in the same week. You're Daddy surprised me with an overnight trip, and then that weekend we went to Matt and Jessica's wedding. We missed you terribly, but knew you were in great hands.

You sure had a busy month and this is only the beginning of what's to come this summer.

I still start everyday with your beautiful smile, and it is a daily reminder of just how sweet and cute you are, and your Daddy and I are the luckiest parents on earth.

I love you my sweet face,


Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations to Matt and Jessica

Matt and Jessica got hitched this past weekend. We went to Michigan for the wedding and they had an outdoor ceremony at a place called Castle Farms. It was really beautiful, and the weather was perfect. We had a great hotel room that overlooked the lake we're just sad we didn't get to enjoy it a little more.

We had a blast at the wedding and Jessica looked beautiful. Matt looked very handsome too!

Thanks for the great time!

A big thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Scimeca and Mary for coming to our house for the weekend to watch Macie while we were gone. We really appreciate it!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Weldon

The view from our room

Congratulations to the Nixons

We found out this weekend that they are expecting their first child!

Congratulations John and Kari, we are so happy for you.

They are due sometime in early December.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congratulations to the Kaisers

Katie and Colin welcomed their first child on Friday, June 12rh.

Ashton John Kaiser

8lbs. 9oz.

21 inches long

Congratulations, we can not wait to meet him.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My 36th (ugh) Birthday!!!

For some reason I am having a really hard time with being 36. I was fine with 35, 36 is just CLOSER to 40......I guess it gets me thinking about how old I will be when Macie graduates High School and College. I wonder if I still have it "in me" to have another. I would love to but MY GOD, I am 36 and can my body handle another "difficult" pregnancy? Anyway, I do think about these things and they bother me more as I approach 40. I know many women have children at, or after 40, but it's just something that's on my mind lately.
Sorry, got off track there for a moment.
My absolutely amazing husband surprised me with a mini getaway on my birthday. He booked us a room at the Blue Chip Hotel and Spa in Indiana. We dropped Macie off at my parents (even under the circumstances, and much to my hesitation- not hesitant about leaving Macie there) for the night and headed to Indiana. The room was beautiful and we had a really great time. We had a very nice dinner, some drinks and we did a bit of gambling. I am a penny slots kinda girl and was not having the best luck so decided to give Blackjack a try. Much to my surprise I did very well!! Phil not so much.
I have ZERO pictures from the night out and I am really upset with myself for not getting any. It isn't really the kind of place that you carry a camera around and I am not really sure if they even let you. BUT, we had a great time!
Thank you Phil. It was so thoughtful of you to plan that. I love you so much!
Thank you Mom for watching Macie. I know she loved the one on one time that she got with you. Dad, sorry you didn't get to hang out with Macie. We are so glad you are out of the hospital and feeling a little better. Thank you both for allowing us a night out.
This was, by the way, our first time leaving Macie overnight anywhere. I know, she's almost 9 months! We did just fine and that's a good thing since we will be 6 hours away from her this weekend!!!
Thank you again!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ta Da.........

The reverse psychology worked, Macie said "Mama" for the first time today (sniff sniff). She has no clue yet that I am actually "Mama", but it's still cute to hear it!

You will have to endure this lengthy video and my obnoxious and annoying voice if you want to hear her actually say it. It's around a minute and a half before she actually says it- handy to know if you want to fast forward.


The Quest for "Mama"

Me: Macie, say "Mama"

Macie: Baaaaa Bo!

Me: No Macie, say "Maaaaaa Ma"

Macie: Dada

Me: Ok Macie, one more time (I lie) "Maaaa Ma"

Macie: La La

Me: Oh forget it.....close enough

Maybe if I say "Macie, say Baaa Bo La La" she'll say "Mama"........reverse psychology. I'll be back.