Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing some cute, random pictures

BBQ at our house last Saturday.

Trying out a Bumbo Seat for the first time!

Macie and Daddy playing, she's sitting up so good now.

She discovered that her toes do reach her mouth!

Nakey Jumparooing

I got this Mommy!

Macie in her ladybug dress. My mom's friend Connie got this for her. I didn't get a picture of it, but there is a ladybug on the little pants that are underneath the dress, so cute!!!

Step 1- Admitting you have a problem.

Here's Macie's admission with the puff addiction. She's taking it pretty hard.


She was saving that one for later!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Macie misses her Papa

Hey Papa-

You get better and get out of the hospital, I miss you.



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Kaiser Baby Shower

My mom and I went to Katie and Colin's baby shower this past Sunday. It was a very beautiful and touching shower and Katie looks incredible. A true miracle, this baby is already so loved and surrounded by so many special people.

I had posted a long time ago (December) that Katie and I have been friends since we could cross the street. It's really great that we now get to share motherhood together. Our Mom's got together before this shower and made a surprise for Katie and I. Katie and I used to take our Cabbage Patch Kids EVERYWHERE!!! She had a boy named Roy, and I had a girl named Cylinda. Ironic considering they are expecting a boy. So.....our moms managed to get a hold of both of our CPK's and they made a little something. Below are the pictures of their creation, it's so cute!

This was set up in the room at the shower

It says "Little Girls Dreams Really Do Come True"

There is a picture of Katie and I as kids, a picture of the four of us and then a picture of Phil and I preggo and a picture of Katie and Colin preggo.

Here is a picture of us 25 years later!

The four of us!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello, My name is Macie and.......

I am a Puff-a-holic.

Everyone say "Hi Macie".

I can't stop eating them, and when I am not shoving them in my mouth two at a time, I am dreaming about them. I scream when Mommy and Daddy don't give them to me fast enough. I now forgo my bottles in protest of being cut off from the Puffs.

I will be entering a 12 step program shortly....wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little humor on a rainy day.

Ya gotta love the restaurant industry.......

I went back to work yesterday after being gone a week. I only told one or two people that I work with what I was having done. It's just not something I felt like telling people, apparently I should have.
Some of the rumors were:
1. Boob job (or lift)
2. Lipo (I wish, and thanks for pointing out that I would need that)
3. Tummy Tuck (see above)
4. Hemorrhoid surgery (would have preferred this, but NO)

Clearly rumors 1, 2, and 3 were put to rest the minute they saw me. I lost a few lbs. but definitely not worthy of them thinking I had surgery.
My "girls" still get out of bed 10 minutes after I do in the morning so no "lifting" there!

4 is realistic since I know this happens often during pregnancy, and often after having a baby naturally. I did tell them that this was NOT the surgery I had, and left it at that.

I do believe when I left work yesterday they were all huddled in a corner still trying to figure it out. At least it gave them something to do!

This should keep me amused for at least a week.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 Months

My Dearest Macie,

7 months? I can't believe it, and I can't believe how time is flying by. I am trying to cherish every moment of every month because you just grow so fast. Your Daddy and I were putting you in jammies the other night. I had handed them to Daddy, and when I looked over at him, he was trying really hard to stretch them to fit you, but they didn't even make it to your ankles. I think Daddy was in denial that you had grown that much. He told me I must have shrunk them, but I had already washed and dried them!!! Sadly, that day I had packed away another two boxes of clothes that you had grown out of. It's so sad to pack all those cute outfits away knowing I won't be putting them on you again. Your Aunt Sam had gotten you two really cute summer outfits, I had taken the tags off, washed them, and put them away. I was worried as you were getting older that they weren't going to fit since the weather is not cooperating. I got you in one of them the other day and it was adorable on you. I can't wait to dress you up in all your summer clothes. I was able to put you in the cute Mickey Mouse short outfit that Grandma and Papa got you at Disney, and the outfit that Katie and Colin got you. The shirt is so cute on you!!

You didn't have any developmental "firsts" this month, but unfortunately you did have your first trip to the ER. We had missed your cousin Joey being Baptized because you were under the weather. By that evening, we were both exhausted. You had cried all day, had a fever, you were tugging at your ear, and you definitely won the contest for yucky diapers that day. You weren't eating as much as normal, and I was worried that you might be dehydrated. Daddy and I woke you up and took you to the hospital in a blizzard and it turns out that you were fine....just a little cold, and maybe some type of stomach virus. I have to tell you, my stomach did flips when they mentioned they might have to give you an IV to replenish some lost fluids!!! You were so good there and all the nurses were loving you and you sure ate it up! You smiled and laughed when they came over to see you. You did cry when the big mean Dr. was digging in your ear with something that resembled a crochet hook, or a dental tool. That made me very nervous, and I had to look away several times while Daddy held you down for that big, mean Dr. Sorry I ditched you in that traumatic moment.

I was hoping this month that a "Mama, Dada, Baba" would make it's way out of your cute little lips. Not gonna happen anytime soon!!! We say them to you and you laugh like you are holding out on us (Daddy is trying to get you to say "Mama Mia" and that's quite funny). You little stinker!!! You are much more vocal this past month. You yell all the time and it's mostly just because you are having a good time. You also don't hesitate to let us know when you are ready to eat, or be changed. I think we might be in trouble when you start talking. I took a little video of one of your many "loud moments". I know, you can't see anything on the video since we had the lights out, but I did it for the audio, not the video. You were in your jumparoo and having such a good time.

videoThis is only for the audio, so turn up your sound.

You are paying a lot more attention to Otis these days. You got a hold of his lip the other day and pulled it so hard I shuddered a little. Otis didn't budge, he just sat there and took it. Then you decided since the lip thing went so well that you would grab a hold of his floppy ear and practically hang from it. Again, he didn't flinch. He loves you a lot and always wants to give you kisses. Sometimes you laugh, and other times you make a face like you are disgusted. I've smelled his breath so I can understand the disgust. He lays by you all the time and just watches you play and it's so adorable. Can't wait until you two are running around the yard together.

You have been such a "Momma's girl" lately and I am LOVING IT!!! You cuddle with me all the time, and it seems that right now you will only allow Mommy to put you to bed. Daddy is able to, but you put up a little bit of a fight. Maybe that's because I am all business (bath, book, rock, crib) when it's bedtime and Daddy is the "fun guy" when it comes to bedtime, and you want to play more. Today you cuddled a lot with Daddy and he was loving it too!

You have a new BFF, we'll call her Stella (that's what we called you in Utero) I think. She is the softest stuffed bunny I have ever felt. Your Auntie Gayle, Uncle Mark, Kate and Ryan gave it to you for Easter and you won't go to sleep without it now. You rub Stella against your face, you knead her, pet her, and then wrap your arm around her as you fall asleep....precious! I of course, got a video of you kneading her the other night. I am still not comfortable with having anything in your crib when you sleep so, the other night I THOUGHT you were sound asleep, I very carefully slipped Stella out from under your arm and you FREAKED. I've learned to leave Stella with you a little longer from now on, and then I sneak in later and take her out after you have moved.


We've had a few nice days this past month and Mommy and Daddy try to get you outside whenever we can. You love going for walks, and you love hanging out in the backyard. We put down a blanket for you and bring out some of your favorite toys. I think you could play out there for hours. You think it's hilarious when Otis howls and runs around like a mad man. Mommy and Daddy aren't as amused by it!!!

We have just as much fun inside too. Since we are the only ones here, I have to take pictures of us myself. They always turn out horrible, but it's fun anyway!!

The look on her face says it all! "Mommy, you are crazy and you look crazy in this picture."

You are so close to crawling, we'll see what the next couple of weeks brings!!

Happy 7 Months Macie Face. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!



Friday, April 17, 2009

Hat Trick!

Congrats to Mike and Carrie Basak. They just found out they are having their third BOY. We can't wait to meet the little guy sometime in September!
This seems to be the year of Boys. Katie and Colin's boy is due in June, Nicole and Johnny's boy is due in September, and now Mike and Carrie's boy is due in September.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey Chicago, what do ya say.......

The Cubs are gonna win today!

Macie got all geared up for the Cubs opening day.

Can't imagine why people think she's a boy sometimes........

Easter and some random things-Updated with Pictures

Macie loves her new bunny!
The Easter baskets Macie got

Lookin' cute in her Easter/Spring Dress

New hat from Grandma and Papa- too cute.

Papa came over to play with me while Mommy rested.

These are the beautiful flowers I got. The ones on the left are from my parents and the ones on the right I just got today from Aunt Lynne, Aunt Deb, Uncle Steve, Dani, Sammi, Marissa, Shawn, Jackie, Mike, Jacob and Andrew. Thank you!!!

This is the Edible Arrangement I got from Mark, Gayle, Kate and Ryan. The fruit is so good and there are chocolate covered bananas in there- YUMMY!

I will be posting some more pictures a little later when I have Phil's laptop, but wanted to make sure I got caught up on everything going on lately.
We went over to Mark and Gayle's for Easter and it was wonderful. The food was yummy and Macie had a great time visiting with everyone. My parents were there, Gayle's Dad, Aunt Flo and Cousin Kurt were all there. Macie got some really cute Easter baskets from Auntie Gayle, Uncle Mark, Kate and Ryan and from Grandma and Papa. She loved everything in them!!!
Thanks for having us over Mark and Gayle!
As you all know, I had some rather unpleasant surgery on Tuesday. The pain has been pretty unbearable, but I think the worst part is not being able to pick Macie up. I'm sure she doesn't quite understand that I am not spending as much time with her the past few days, but it doesn't make it any better. Phil has been amazing- he took two days off of work to help out. He has been working his butt off cleaning, cooking, laundry, running to the store, feeding and bathing Macie, etc. He does help with these things regularly, but has had to take them on solo for a week and I really appreciate it very much. He's such a great husband and father! Thank you to my parents also- my Dad came over for a few hours yesterday while Phil had to run out. My mom and Dad made some food for us for the past few days so we wouldn't have to cook. Phil also dropped Macie off at their house today so that I can get a little more rest. This was definitely more painful than I expected and being able to rest today should help a ton. I can't wait to pick up my little munchkin and carry her around again.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the beautiful flowers you sent. I can smell them throughout the whole house! Thanks to Mark, Gayle, Kate and Ryan for the awesome fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. I haven't had much of an appetite and the fruit is so good and I have been enjoying it very much (so has Phil).
Thank you to everyone who called and e-mailed to check up on me, and all the offers of help with Macie, or whatever we may have needed. I really appreciate it!
I will be adding some pictures to this post a little later, so be sure to check back in!
Love to all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just like her Daddy!


You will have to turn up the volume for this one! Poor thing was beat and she has a cold. She snores just like her Daddy.

Just a fun day!

We didn't do anything super special today, just hung out as a family. It's really unfortunate, with the economy, people are stretched to the limit with work, taking on second jobs. All that just so that they can provide for their families, and sadly can not spend time with their families because they are out trying to make ends meet. We can't take vacations right now, or buy expensive things, but I wouldn't trade the "family day" like we had today for anything in the world. I dream about the nice "things", but have to remember they are just "things". I have an amazing family and that's all I need!
We were able to relax, go for a walk, have lunch, and just hang out, and we had such a great time.

The following video is while we were out to lunch. She is so good when we are out, never makes a peep. She had a ball today!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here is the picture of Macie's first visit to the Easter Bunny. I would have cried too, what a creepy looking bunny!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It had to happen sometime.......

My little munchkin is ill. I took her out of the carseat yesterday and she was more warm than normal (she's always warm in there with the Bundle Me). I took her temp. and it was 101.3 (not that high, but high enough for me to worry a bit). I decided I would wait a bit and take it again just to make sure she wasn't just overheated from the seat. Took it again about 45 min. later and it was the same. So, she officially has experienced her first illness. She woke up fussy this morning and her cute little face was plastered with boogers!!! Hoping it's just a minor cold and something a little tylenol will take care of.

"You have to put that thermometer where?"

I know, not a very exciting post....I haven't had much material to work with this week!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Congrats to Nicole, Johnny, Olivia and Sophia- they just found out they are having a BOY!!! How exciting. We can't wait to meet him!