Friday, November 28, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Macie had her two month check up today. She is 13.1 lbs and 22 inches long. She is growing appropriately for her age and they were impressed with her eating and sleeping habits. She had three of her shots today and oh my- that sucked. She screamed like I have never heard a baby scream before. She screamed and cried and looked at me, then Phil, then back at me and then came the lower lip. I lost it!!! Seeing your baby cry like that because they are hurting is really sad and there is nothing you can do to stop the hurt. Part of me wanted to swipe her up off the table and run out of there and just keep her in a bubble the rest of her life, but I had to get a grip. She was already a little fussy since it was feeding time and then this nurse started jabbing her like a pin was awful! She cried hard for about 20-30 minutes (seemed like 2 hours) and finally exhausted herself and she fell asleep. While she was crying, we made an attempt at feeding her, but she was too upset. So we went and did some shopping and she stayed conked out the WHOLE TIME!!! My poor baby! Below is a picture of her owie and her cute little belly button. I asked the Dr. about that too since it pops out like that when she's normal. I had an umbilical hernia when I was a baby so I was worried about it but he said if it doesn't "close up" by a year or so then we might have to have it looked at again. Anyway...all is well and she's healthy and just cute as a bug!

Macie's First Thanksgiving

Macie's first Thanksgiving was very nice. We went over to Mike and Linda's house and had an incredible meal. Macie of course thoroughly enjoyed herself since everyone wanted to hold her. I just realized that she wore her first dress yesterday. Katie and Karen bought her the adorable dress and she FINALLY fits in it. I hope I gave it justice in the picture, it's a sweater dress with very pretty embroidered flowers on the neck and sleeves.

Thank you to Mike and Linda for having us, everything was so good!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Burrito!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This year has been an event filled one. We've had some not so good news come to us this year and we are hoping and praying that will turn into good news very soon. I believe that God only gives us what we can handle and I believe that our family is all full!!!

On the flip side, we also have so much to be to be thankful for. We gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Macie Rose on September 20 of this year. We are blessed that she is healthy and happy and filling our lives everyday with love that we never knew existed. We are truly lucky to have Macie in our lives and we look forward to the coming years!

I named this blog the "Thanksgiving Burrito" because of the picture below. I wrapped Macie up in a blanket and she looked like the cutest little burrito!

The other picture is of the very interesting outfit that daddy dressed Macie in while Mommy was at work. He wanted to put the onsie on her because he thought it was cute. It is from Grandma a Papa Wilson and says "yes I know I'm cute". Daddy couldn't find pants to put on her so he just grabbed some brown ones and put them on. Not the cutest outfit, but it'll work!

A little side note: Macie slept a solid 8 hours last night!!! I woke up in a panic, ran over and checked if she was breathing and couldn't hear her so I touched her and she jumped. Yikes! My mom warned me that would happen the first time she slept that long.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We are very lucky to have family and friends like you.

All our love!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another weekend flies by...

We had a very nice weekend. Friday we just stayed home and relaxed which was wonderful! Saturday morning Uncle Mark, Grandma and Papa Wilson came over to help with some things around the house. We are doing some home improvements and needed their assistance. Thank you for helping us out!!! Saturday night we went to Grandma and Papa Scimeca's house. Phil and I went out and grabbed a bite to eat. It was the first time Grandma and Papa got Macie all to themselves and it was nice for us to get out. They of course spoiled her with a very cute stuffed animal that laughs when you squeeze it's foot, a Precious Moments ornament and a teething toy-they are all so cute. We stayed the night and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa came over to see Macie. We all had a very nice time.
I apparently left my brain at home because I left our camera at home so I have NO pictures from the weekend. I was really looking forward to getting some pictures too. Grandma got some so I will have to try and get copies of them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Months Today- How Time Flies!

I will write later and post some pictures when I have the better computer.
I can't believe she is 2 months old already!!!

2 months.....Wow. We are amazed everyday that our love can grow deeper for our little "Macie Face". I know....weird nickname but it just comes out of our mouths. She makes the cutest faces when she's sleeping or we are talking to her so we say "awwww, Macie face".

I can't believe the difference in her attentiveness, eye contact and interaction from just two weeks ago. She really locks eyes with me now while she is eating and when I talk to her. She looks like she is talking to me and trying to tell me something, but just can't form the words. I was talking to her yesterday morning and telling her that we were going to have a mommy/Macie day and go shopping and she looked at me like she understood what I was saying and then flashed "the smile" at me and my eyes welled up with tears. I don't know how else to describe the feeling you get when you have a moment like that (any Mommy knows the feeling). Any worries or stresses that I have go away and I am filled with such a sense of contentment. We actually made this little girl and are now responsible for raising her and it's the best feeling EVER!

I feel like her personality is really coming through and I get the feeling that she's going to be really sweet and that she's going to be a little bit of a jokester.

Happy Two Month Birthday my sweet baby!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks Auntie Cathy!

Cathy stopped by this weekend to meet Macie and brought her the cutest outfit. I don't have pictures of her in it yet, but will soon. I did manage to get a picture of Cathy and Macie together. Cute picture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thought I was done peeing my pants....

until now. This was too funny to not share. Phil was having a "chat" with Macie tonight that went something like this....(obviously one sided since Macie can't talk back)...

"Macie, you are not to date until you are 17."

"No drinking until you are 19" AND.....

not sure where and how the conversation got to this point, but Phil was explaining to her that by the time she was graduating high school we would be old and she would be changing our diapers. Phil wanted to make sure she knew to use ButtPaste.

This is the look on her face at the exact moment he said that to her.....

A Rare Moment

It never fails- Everytime I go to my parents house Macie is sleeping. Finally today, she was awake for a short period of time and we got a picture of it. It's a cute picture I must say. The outfit she has on is soooo cute on her and if I am not mistaken....Auntie Sam bought it for her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Special Treat for Mommy!

I have been bummed the past few days since I am returning to work tomorrow. I am only going back a few days a week to start so it's not THAT bad, but I would rather stay home with Macie of course. I am so scared I am going to miss some important milestone. I know that I will get to see all kinds of milestones but as a Mom, you just don't want to miss any of them especially when they happen for the first time.
Well today I was doing some Tummy Time with Macie and she rolled over on her own!!! I got so excited that I startled her. I put her back on her tummy and she did it AGAIN!!! It was so great to see. I was worried that she hadn't done it yet. Her neck and arm muscles seemed to be so strong so early but I looked it up and she's right on track.
When it develops
Your baby may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as age 2 to 3 months. It may take him until he's about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though, because he needs stronger neck and arm muscles for that maneuver.

How it develops
At about 3 months, when placed on his stomach, your baby will lift his head and shoulders high, using his arms for support. This
mini-pushup helps him strengthen the muscles he'll use to roll over. He'll amaze you (and himself!) the first time he flips over. (While babies often flip from front to back first, doing it the other way is perfectly normal, too.)
I ran upstairs to get the video camera and put her back on her tummy but she wouldn't do it again of course. I think she wore herself out. We'll just have to try it again later!
I'm so glad I was here to see that!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Weeks

I was looking at Macie laying on Phil's chest last night and I got sad! She used to take up such a small space on him and now her little body extends all the way from his neck to his waist. She's getting so big!
My good friends Mike and Carrie got Macie the cutest hooded towel EVER!!! Her name is embroidered on the back. They really know the way to her heart, she loves being wrapped in a cozy towel after her bath.
We had a really great time on Saturday hanging out with Susie, Nelson and Jaden! Thanks for coming over to visit!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Nothing major to update, just a few random pictures to comment on. I'm so glad that I am constantly annoying Macie by taking pictures since she changes everyday. She now does this really fun thing (said with a bit of sarcasm) where she blows raspberries after she's taken a big mouth full of formula- lovely! She thinks it's hilarious and gets a HUGE smile on her face after she does it. Can't help but think it's adorable even though I have been sprayed with formula.

The pictures below are some that I took yesterday and this morning. Marissa bought her the adorable outfit- love the green pants- looks so cute on her. The other pictures are of Macie in her "new swing". As most of you know, she's a BIG fan of the swing! It was nice to get this one going so she has some variety in her swinging but it plays the same darn songs the other one does. It does have different lights and toys hanging from it so she enjoys that. When the lights and music go out she grunts at us to turn them back on and then she dozes off again.

I also realized I have no pictures of Otis!!!! Sorry Otis. I included one in this blog since he was such a good boy this morning. We have to keep the door shut to the nursery because Jack (our cat) likes to jump in the crib and on top of the dresser. Every once in a while she sneaks in and hides under the crib. She did it this morning and I jokingly said "Otis, get Jack out of here". He came in the nursery and chased her out from under the crib. What a good boy!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wear your sunscreen

Got "the call" from the Dermatologist today. I do in fact have a form of skin cancer called Basal Cell Carcinoma. I have two "tumors" as they called them (hate that word) that will need to be removed and tested further. Hopefully it will all be removed in one shot! Fortunately she said Basal Cell Carcinoma is a "slow growing" skin cancer and can usually just be "cut out". So, I go in on December 5th for the first one and then December 19th for the second one. They won't do both at once due to a higher risk of infection. So, they will remove the "tumors" and stitch both "inside" and "outside" and then when I go to have the stitches removed they will remove the second one. Bummer!!! My dad has the same type of skin cancer and has had several tumors removed and none have spread. So with that said, I will be even more careful while out in the sun. I actually gave up the tanning beds when we found out my dad had skin cancer. I am now a fan of self tanning lotions!!! I will definitely be slopping sunscreen all over Macie ALL the time!!!
So far it looks like she got her daddy's complexion, let's hope it stays that way.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Tummy Time

We do a little Tummy Time with Macie everyday, but haven't really captured it on camera until today. Even the day after she was born, one of the nurses was giving her a bath and commented on how strong she was for a newborn. She's been lifting her head like this since she was born!
We finally have a good picture of it! She's amazing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Only my mother......

would think of something like this!! Thanks Mom!!!

Might be tough to see but it is in fact a letter to Macie from President Bush and Laura Bush.

It says: Welcome! We are delighted to join your family in celebrating your arrival. You have already brought much happiness to those around you, and you've just gotten started!

We are glad you are now part of the wonderful American story. Our Nation holds great opportunities for you. May you make the most of your unique gifts, and may happiness and love surround you always.
George Bush and Laura Bush

Macie's "Photo Shoot"

Auntie Kim came out for Halloween and while she was here she took some really great pictures of Macie! Thanks Auntie Kim- you do GREAT work!


Macie had a great day yesterday with Grandma and Papa Wilson while Mommy and Daddy went the Bears Game. She got a little nervous when Grossman was put in the game, but they pulled it off!!! GO BEARS!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The things that melt your heart

I WISH I could get these moments on camera! I am too slow and too tired this early to "act fast". Macie was in her swing just looking around and observing the world around her when Phil came downstairs and was talking to her she got the biggest smile on her face. It was so big it almost looked like she could giggle!! We've seen the little smiles, but nothing like this one. She ADORES her Daddy. I just am amazed at the changes she makes on a daily basis. Not only the growth spurts, but I almost feel like she is starting to show a personality. You don't want your baby to grow up, but are so curious what they are going to be like as a toddler, teenager and adult. So FUN!
Macie is hanging out with Grandma and Papa Wilson today. They got us tickets to the Bears game so we are going to go watch them beat up the Lions (I hope since Lions are 0-7).

Note from Macie to Grandma and Papa Wilson- You don't have to bribe Mommy and Daddy with Bears tickets so that you can watch me. I love spending time with you, you spoil me rotten!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Macie's First Halloween

Minnie Mouse Kate and AAARGH, Pirate Ryan
Macie the Cat Burglar

Macie the LadyBug- Can't wait until she can fit in a costume!!!

Can't wait until she's awake for Halloween!!!

Happy 1st Halloween Macie! What a great day she had. Auntie Kim, David and Dean came over and then we went over to my mom and dads house to meet up with Auntie Gayle, Uncle Mark, Kate and Ryan. We had pizza and then headed out trick or treating. Macie of course slept through the whole thing. Have a few pictures from the day and will post some more in a couple days when I get them from Kim.